Mother's Day Flowers Mississauga

Mothers Day Flowers Mississauga



Flowers are one of the most versatile gifts you can give someone. There's a flower for every season, every holiday and every occasion. 


You can give flowers to say thanks or to give condolences. For hundreds of years, we've used flowers as a way to express how we feel about someone, without having to say a word. 


Some flowers express feelings, and others can be a representation of the positive traits we see in the person we're giving them to.


It's no surprise then that flowers have become an integral part of many of our special celebrations. We give them on dates, anniversaries, Valentine's Day, and of course, as Mother's Day gifts.


But when you give someone flowers, especially someone you love dearly like your mother, you want to make sure that you're sending the right thoughts and emotions along with that gift.


If you’ve been wondering ‘when is Mother’s Day 2020?’, this year it falls on May 10th, which is just around the corner, Euro Flowers has put together a list of different flowers that your mother might like, and we’re going to teach you a little bit about their histories and what they mean.


This way, you'll know the perfect flowers to give!




First cultivated in Japan, this beautiful flower's name comes from its constant need for water to stay healthy.


Depending on where you live in the world, this flower's meaning changes pretty dramatically. In Japan, they are a symbol of apology or gratitude, while in Europe, they are a sign of arrogance or frigidity.


Here in North America, we think of them more positively. For Mother's Day, if you're thinking about giving some hydrangeas, we recommend pink or white. They symbolize love, grace and purity.




These beautiful two-tone, sometimes spotted flowers, also known as Peruvian Lilies or Lilies of the Incas, came from Chile and Brazil.


They have quickly become one of the most popular flowers in North America because of their unique style and the fact that each stem can produce 3 - 5 blossoms.


If your mom is always poised, refined and loves surprised, this will be the perfect choice for her, either on its own or in a mixed bouquet.




Exotic, unique and delicate, these flowers are absolutely stunning. Many of their varieties find their origins in Asia.


It might surprise you to learn that there are over 25,000 varieties of orchids in the world, and that they come in every colour you could imagine, except one - black. Orchids are actually Earth's largest group of blooming flowers, so it's no surprise they're quite popular.


In fact, you might be surprised to learn that we actually get vanilla extract from orchids! 


If your mother is imaginative, quirky or funny, this could be the perfect choice for her Mother's Day gift.




Native to Africa, these unique flowers actually bloom vertically, making them very eye-catching compared to other flowers.


If your mother's birth month is in August, these have the added benefit of being the August birth flower!


These symbolize faithfulness, honour and strength. Traditionally, these flowers are an expression of admiration to whomever they're given to. 


And who do we admire more than our mothers?




Mother's Day is a telltale sign that Spring has sprung, and summer is on the horizon. 


What better way to celebrate the warm seasons than with a sweet, comforting bouquet of daisies?


First discovered in South Africa, there are daisies grown all over the world now. It's become so popular, it's become the birth flower for April babies. So, if your mom's birthday is in April, this choice might be right down your alley. 


Perfect for the carefree mom, these flowers symbolize innocence, joy and simplicity.




Always timeless, tulips are a classic springtime flower, which makes them perfect as a Mother's Day gift.


Available in all the colours of the rainbow, you're guaranteed to be able to find tulips in your mother's favourite colours. 


Originally from Persia and Turkey, these flowers have blossomed into one of the most recognizable and beloved flowers available today.


Tulips represent sunshine, warmth, rebirth and love, though many of the individual colours carry specific meanings (i.e. purple represents royalty).




Dating back to ancient Greece and Egypt, it gets its name from the Greek Goddess, Iris.


Just like many of the other popular Mother's Day flowers, there are a variety of colours available to choose from, each with their own symbolic meanings.


Most commonly, blue and purple irises, which represent wisdom, faith and hope. Though, you can sometimes find these in white, which is a symbol for purity.


If you've got a down-to-Earth mom, or she has a February birthday (it's the February birth flower), this could be the perfect choice for you.




Chrysanthemums find their origin in Asia, though they were named by Swedish Botanist.


They're big, fun and whimsical. Most have large, wide heads that resemble pom-poms, but some varieties that look more like daffodils or daisies.


This is another flower that has a handful of different meanings, depending on which the culture where it is being used.


In Asian and North American cultures, it represents life and prosperity. European cultures, however, see this flower as a symbol for death and loss.


Australians are well-known to give these flowers to their 'mums' on Mother's Day, so it's no wonder that these are a great choice for anyone sharing that tradition!




These aren't given as commonly for Mother's Day, but they're so beautiful, sometimes we have to wonder why they aren't gifted more often.


Coming from China, Japan and Siberia, these showy flowers are known for their colourful foliage and resilient ability to bloom year after year when planted. 


It gets its name from Paeon, the Greek Doctor of the Gods, because of the plant's alleged healing properties (sorry, but we've never seen any real proof of this).


It's no surprise then that peonies are said to represent healing, as well as honour and richness. If your mother is very nurturing, selfless and a natural caregiver, including peonies in her Mother's Day bouquet will be a wonderful fit.




Native to the tropical parts of America, anthurium flowers (also known as the painted tongue) are about as unique as flowers get.

They have waxy leaves and petals that stand out against any other kind of flowers, though they don't do well in vases; instead preferring to grow in soil.


With minimal care required to maintain these flowers, and long lifespan (months, if treated with care), these flowers can be a great alternative to a bouquet if you want to think of something a little more outside the box for your Mother's Day gift.


Most of these flowers grow in red, or varying shades of red, so they are naturally a good choice for expressing love and appreciation.


There are dozens of other kinds of flowers that you might be considering to give to your mother this May, but if you're put off by the sheer volume of choices at your fingertips, don't worry!


If you’ve been trying to decide where to order flowers from for Mother’s Day in Oakville, Brampton, Mississauga, Port Credit or Etobicoke, Euro Flowers is here to answer all your questions.


We want make sure that you pick the perfect flowers to surprise your mother this year. 


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