Managing a business goes further than offering a firm handshake and returning phone calls. Your company doubles up as a social organization and at some point, the need for you to give gifts will arise. The last thing you want is to surf the internet or a mall unsuccessfully trying to get the perfect gift basket for your clients.

When done correctly, gift giving can maintain good camaraderie, endorse a business relationship, stimulate more referrals and increase customer loyalty. On the other hand, wrong gift giving can put at risk future business and isolate clients.

Gift baskets are often the gift of choice because they are customizable and offer an extraordinary exhibition. Usually, they comprise an assortment of eatables that any office staff can share. Above all, gift baskets are the perfect business gifts for women and men alike since they can receive them without activating any unintended or inappropriate messages.

Most corporate gift baskets typically comprise of easy to eat items, but if you know what your recipient likes, you may include it in their gift basket. The following are some rules to guide you in selecting the perfect corporate gift basket for your clients.

  1. Giving gifts to your colleagues or employees is fine but not to your boss.
  2. Sending a gift basket with your company logo is okay, but keep it minimal otherwise, it will seem like you are doing deliberate advertising.
  3. Stay away from giving business gift baskets that contain items that come into contact with skin such as jewelry, lingerie or perfume. This is because such items send messages of desired intimacy and that is not the message you want to put across to your recipient.
  4. Include a gift card or enclosure because it identifies you as the sender. With intensified security on most people’s minds, no one wants to accept a gift from an unknown or mysterious person.
  5. Business gifts between males and females should be free of inappropriate or unintended messages. A bouquet of mixed flowers is fine but one for roses is completely unacceptable as a corporate gift.
  6. Research and give thought to your gift selection. Even a ready-made gift basket requires careful selection. Liquor is a common choice but could clash with cultural and religious rules.
  7. For Japanese recipients, never give your gift as a surprise. Give the gift at the end of your visit and the recipient will open it later.
  8. When gifting Muslims, do not include alcohol or leather products made from pigskin. Do not bring gifts or inquire about the wife of an Arab colleague.
  9. Stay within your budget. There is no need for you to break your bank because your gift will only miss its mark if it is flashy. It is better to give a modest greeting card rather than a showy gift.
  10. In Europe, Canada, USA, and Australia they rarely expect gifts. However, they consider it as a pleasant gesture if you do.

These gift-giving guidelines will help you ensure that your gift selections are memorable, delightful and appropriate in the corporate world.