April 25, 2017


Significance of Daisy Flowers


Fresh flowers can represent love, sympathy or friendship. From get well flowers to Mother’s day flowers to birthday flowers. The daisy flower is known as the fifth most popular flower in the world because the bloom comes in an array of various colors and is suitable for a number of occasions. Daisies are beautiful flowers and can seem to have as many meanings as there are species. The most generally accepted meanings are;


White daisies with yellow or pale centers represent innocence. A person who sends another daisies, hopes that the viewer will see the world as they once did as a child.


This is symbolized by daisies that are as white as could possibly be. This stems from the Roman myth of Vertumnus a god of seasons who was obsessed with Belides a nymph. He pursued her continuously and to escape his attention, she turned herself into a daisy.

New beginnings

In Norse mythology, the daisy is Freya’s sacred flower. Freya is a goddess of fertility. This is why daisies are always packed in bouquets for children or new mothers. Daisies are also given to parents who lost their children at childbirth as a symbol of renewal for the spirit of the departed child.

True love

Each daisy flower is actually two flowers blended together and they could mean to signify two hearts joined together as one. As a man, sending daisies to your significant other is usually seen as a beautiful gift for her. In Victorian times, young heartbroken women used the daisy by plucking the petals one by one and singing ‘he loves me, he loves me not’. The last petal plucked would be the future of her relationship. The custom exists to this day.


Each gift flower sends a message. Daisies send several messages .Sending of daisies to a person could be signifying that the sender can keep a secret. Being able to keep secrets is one of the ways an individual can express true love for another person.

Symbolism of the Daisy Flower

Daisies symbolize the sun in modern paganism just because they seem to appear like the sun or stars. In Victorian times, different species of daisies symbolized different the things listed below.

  • Michaelmas daisy- symbolizes a departure or a farewell.
  • Gerber daisies-symbolize cheerfulness and were often paired with ferns which symbolize sincerity
  • English daisy-when used as a gift flower, these daisies symbolize innocence. They were paired with primroses which are a symbol for motherly love.


Medicine and Aromatherapy


Daisies have no aroma and as such, they are found in folk medicine. The main ingredient is the flower heads and sometimes the leaves. Since they are fully edible, daisies were used in treating colds. Some healers recommend tea made from daisies for arthritis pains and kidney problems. Generally, daisy tea improves the digestive and metabolic system and encourages appetite.

Daisy Superstitions

    • Dreaming of summer daisies indicates good fortune
    • Daisy wine taken over fifteen days cures insanity
    • Daisy petals placed under your pills brings love dreams
    • If a sick person eats pounded daisy blended with wine and cannot keep it down, it is a death omen
  • Spring does not arrive until you set foot on a dozen daisies
  • April 18, 2017


    Reasons to buy flowers from Euro flowers for Mother’s day


    Flowers, the perfect gift for Mother’s day

    We all have been puzzled for the longest time on which is the perfect gift to get for our mothers during mother’s day. I mean what gift can much up to the gift of life? We all love our mothers, their unconditional and undying love for us. It is not every day that you get to appreciate them, but when that occasion presents itself we should go all out and get them that perfect gift.

    Flowers have withstood the test of time and have been considered the perfect gift to get your mum during special occasions. Some may see and term it as a cliché and render it outdated, but flowers have a personal touch and deeper meaning to the person that they are being given to.

    Take for example pink roses, they have for long been associated with motherhood making a popular choice for a gift on mother’s day as they signify grace, elegance and appreciation, while yellow roses symbolize friendship and joy. Lilacs are also an excellent choice as they signify the love between a mother and a child.


    Flower stores in Mississauga


     Euro flowers packages the flowers you ordered for in a beautiful custom made bouquet Mississauga florist are well experienced in the sense that they will help you get what you need, as they will help you select the flowers that are best situated for the occasion. In this case roses, lilacs, irises, orchids, carnations, tulips and lilies would suite this occasion perfectly.

    Though lilies are normally considered an Easter flower, they can be used on mother’s day as well. Mississauga florists add a few calla lilies or white lilies to mixed bouquets on mother’s day. Tulips can also be used on this particular occasion as they symbolize grace and beauty. Carnations on the other hand can be used to represent a mother’s eternal love. All these kinds of flowers can be easily found at Mississauga flower shops.


    Mississauga flower shops


    The advantage of getting your flowers Euro flowers is that the hassle of going to the shop personally is avoided. You can easily order for the flowers that you want to get for your mother at the comfort of your home through their website. We are all human and sometimes we forget important occasions like mother’s day, do not worry as Euro flower is here to help you out. They offer same day delivery services which is very important for emergencies, you may have had other plans but they did not turn out as you had planned. Getting your flowers at flower stores in Mississauga will then be the best alternative considering that they do not add extra charges for clients who order for their services via their website. They also offer free delivery services for flowers within Mississauga. Mississauga florists help out their clients when selecting flowers to ensure that they are able to portray the message that they want to pass to the recipient.

    April 11, 2017


    Creative DIY Gift baskets



    Gift baskets

    A gift basket is a variety of things that one gets to single out and intends to give to someone else as a present which may be given out during special occasions, most of the time they are used to carry fruits or even canned foods and at times personal effects such as perfumes and scented candles. Creative DIY baskets are baskets that are made with a personal touch by the person who is sending the gift baskets depending on the occasion and what kind of gifts are being sent. The relationship between the sender and recipient also plays a crucial role on how creative the gift baskets are. The sender may decide to tailor the gift baskets according to the recipient’s personality. The most important part is that you get to make these gift baskets by yourself and still have fun while at it.


    Birthday gift basket

    Majority of the people like getting gifts during their birthdays, it is therefore very important to ensure that you get a good basket if you are doing gift baskets. The idea here is to get a medium sized basket that will not be costly to you, think about it getting a large basket will cost a lot and you failing to fill the basket looks sad not to mention that it will taint your image making you look cheap. The idea here is to get something that is pocket friendly and at the same time still look unique and appealing to the recipient.

    Birthday gift baskets depends on who you are sending the basket to. If it is one to your girlfriend then scented candles accompanied with chocolates is a fantastic idea that has not become a cliché up to date considering that it has been done for a minute now. On the other hand for boyfriends the gift baskets may contain shaving creams, after shave, bath mitt and a good scented cologne. This is the perfect birthday gift basket if you ask me. Gifts have a deeper meaning showing what you think of your friend, girlfriend or even fiancée, a good choice made on what to place on the gift basket will help boost the confidence in the recipient of the gift and also build a strong bond.


    Holiday gift basket

    These are the kind of gift baskets that are given during holidays and special occasions such as anniversaries, Christmas, thanksgiving and other special celebrations. Thanksgiving is basically all about giving, holiday gift baskets play a major role here, and there being a lot to give out deciding on what to give is a problem most of the people go for that one gift that will have a lasting impression. A holiday gift basket to the homeless may contain dried food stuffs, fruits and some water and juices. Another great idea for a holiday gift basket will be a photo album of old photos showing good times that you spent together with your family members especially during thanksgiving or Christmas. This is a great gift as it will help us remember and reminisce on the good times and also be thankful for all that we have.

    April 03, 2017


    Why send flowers to your sweetheart


    Love is a beautiful thing and no one can explain the mystery of two souls becoming one. At times things are not so smooth but this does not mean that the two of you have to give up. There are times things can be so good to the point you can easily take your sweetheart for granted.

    The only thing you can do no matter the situation is to send flowers. Flowers have the ability to speak on your behalf and express what you cannot. Send flowers for her and see how grows fond of you. It is a way of saying I love you but in this case a plant becomes your evidence.

    There are several reasons why you should never ever stop sending flowers.


    When there is an occasion

    There are occasions that call for flowers for instance birthdays, valentines or even anniversaries. It is quite easier to send flowers during such occasions since it is easier to find occasion specific flower arrangements. During valentines of course you will send roses because they speak the language of love and romance fluently.


    When you need to apologize

    The art of apologizing to the one you love is never complete if you do not have flowers with you. Give out the flowers then quickly say you are sorry. She will be mellowed by the flowers and at least you are assured of a reply that is not harsh. She might not forgive you on the spot but you can be sure that she doesn’t hate you either.


    When you want to surprise her

    Send her flowers when she least expects it. Send flowers to her at her place of work. You can even just surprise on the street as she walks or if she is having a girls day out at the spa order the flowers to be delivered there courtesy of a secret admirer.


    Send flowers for no reason at all

    You do not need a holiday or special occasion to shower your sweetheart with love. Send her flowers everyday if you have too. Flowers are an assurance to her of  your constant love for her, a physical reminder of the little acts that build up a relationship and these little acts do add up to become huge ones.


    Why you should send him flowers

    Times have changed and therefore you can as well get flowers for him. If you are in a romantic mood then you might as well get him rose flowers. If he is going for an interview or going to meet a new client then get him bamboo. Bamboo symbolizes good luck and because you love him you want him to succeed in all his endeavors.

    Sending flowers to sweethearts has been a practice for such a long time and it never runs out of style. Sure you can get them a new car, a new house or even a new dress but flowers will always win because they always tend to matters of the heart.

    March 09, 2017


    Why Everyone Loves Food Gift Baskets


    Gifts baskets exchange is a tradition that has been around for so many years, and they are handed out at all kinds of occasions. Gift baskets can be exchanged as an apology, on holidays and even during birthday parties. A gift basket can also be used to say thank you to special people and loved ones in a person’s life. In the traditional sense, the gift basket is a small basket that is usually filled with presents meant for the receiver. The receiver of the basket often gets many gifts inside the basket which increases delight of the receiver. The gifts can range from foodstuffs to snacks, or other useful items and budget is the only limit of what can be included in the gift basket.

    Gift Baskets are personalized for everyone and every occasion

    The primary reason people prefer gift baskets is because of their high level of personalization. These days the gift baskets come in all shapes and forms and can include almost anything the giver can imagine. For customization purposes, one can find gift baskets made from anything ranging from ropes to grapevines. One can decide to create a child bucket with a shovel, a mini rocking chair and a mug filled with goodies as a gift basket to celebrate a new home. Food can also be included in the gift basket to create a food basket. It is all about imagination and for anyone looking to personalise a gift basket it is all a matter of letting imagination free. As long as the container contains items it can be considered a gift basket.

    Gift Baskets can be customised and bought easily with minimal time and effort

    With the modern advancement of technology and the internet buying of gift basket is easy and can be done at one’s comfort at home through the web. Also, through the internet, people can also learn of new customization options through the internet and make their design. As mentioned earlier the items to include in the gift basket are not limited only budget and imagination can limit. For a food gift basket, the assortments can include foods such as crackers, jellies, teas or at times even wine. Sometimes one might even choose to include wine glasses in the basket to go with the wine. To make the basket even fancier, there are those who add cheese, cookies or candies in the basket as a personalization option.

    Gift Baskets will save you time and money

    Unlike other gifts options that are exchanged on holidays, gift basket Toronto can save people lots of money and time as they are simple to make and cheap in terms of materials and assortments. Apart from the gourmet gift basket, one can choose cheap assortments such as loofah, books, soaps, candles and baby items to include in the gift basket.  It is very romantic to send out scented candles and a lovely book poem to a loved one especially on a day like the valentine’s day.

    Most of the gift baskets including fruit basket can be bought online and personalised according to the user’s needs; some can even include embellishments to ensure they seem more classy and extraordinary to the receiver. All in all, it is important to note that gift baskets are a joy to give and to receive.

    March 01, 2017


    Honouring Your Clients and Partners with Corporate Baskets


    Clients and partners are a vital part of any business’ endeavour, and it is their relationship with the company that keeps the company running. It is why it is important to gift clients from time to time and be thoughtful of the choice of gifts to offer them. The most thoughtful gift a business can give to its customers is a gift accompanied by a personal note to show the appreciation of the company to the client in the most humanly way possible. Doing this highlights the significance of the client’s relationship with the company apart from the everyday transaction of goods and services. The importance of the thoughtful gifts is they have the natural reciprocal attached to them thus eliciting a natural response from the receiver. The best way to approach this gifting idea is using gift baskets.

    The smart and cheap marketing strategy

    It is estimated that six out of every companies whether big or small take part in the gift giving practice to clients and partners during the holiday season. It is because most of these organisations recognise the importance of gift giving as a marketing strategy. Spending on something as simple as a gourmet gift basket can go a long way in marketing the company in the right way.

    Corporate gourmet baskets among other gift baskets have been around for a long time and have become very popular in the field of corporate gift giving. With the internet offering everything easily, finding these gift baskets has become easier than ever before. It is no longer a manual task to search and design corporate gift baskets but rather an easy task that can be done with the click of buttons on the internet. There many different stores and warehouses around the web and physical that offer gift basket online at affordable prices to help make the gifting process a breeze. All one has to do is know which gifts will serve the clients better and will reflect the value of the customer to the company.

    Choosing the perfect corporate baskets to thank clients and partners is a process that takes time and money and in return, this time and money invested are manifested by the value it will add to the business. The key to finding the best corporate gift basket idea is applying imagination and creativity beforehand and finding a gift basket that will show the sentiments and appreciation the company wishes to express to the client and partners.

    A challenging but fruitful process to the company

    Whether it is the boss or a person put in charge of taking care of the gifting process, it can be a challenge figuring out what gift to present to the clients and which clients to gift. However, no matter the complexity the gift giving process is a critical process that cannot be overlooked, and it is very beneficial to the future of the business. The goal of corporate gifting is to that the clients for the business they have transacted with the company and also welcome them back to bring in more business to the company. By choosing a gourmet gift basket as a gifting choice for clients and partners the customers and partners are left with fond thoughts of the company after enjoying the delicacies that come in the business, and this can go a long way on keeping their minds at the company

    February 28, 2017


    Things to ask your Wedding Florist


    When it comes to wedding planning the flower is one of the most important parts that should be taken very seriously. For the bride, mostly the flowers are a huge part of the day. For a bride, it is the one day to walk around with a beautiful flower bouquet, have some flowers on the hair, and practically have flowers all around.


    As much as flowers are important, not just any flower can be used and not any arrangement is okay to be used for a wedding. This need for arrangement and choice of flowers to use at a wedding is the reason for the need for a florist service at a wedding. The florists primary job is to create great and beautiful flower arrangements that meet both the wedding’s budget and theme. To be able to achieve these requirements, it is essential for the wedding owner to discuss with the florist, and the only way to have a successful discussion is by knowing the right question to ask the florist.

    How many weddings have you done

    This question is mainly focused on understanding the florist's experience in wedding flowering. This is a formal question of asking the wedding florist if they know exactly they are doing. As known in any service offering field, the experience is a good sign of expertise level, and it is critical on wedding flowering as it will help the florist work on the process quickly no matter the challenges.


    Can I see your portfolio

    Asking florist Toronto shops how many weddings they have serviced is a good question but many of the dubious florists will find ways to dodge this issue, and that is where the portfolio becomes necessary. Asking for the florist’s portfolio is a must as it also helps the wedding owner with ideas on themes and how to have flowers arranged on the marriage day. If the portfolio is not enough, It is acceptable for the wedding owner to ask for more of the florist's works to see photos of the works done by the florist. Seeing what the florist has done in the past is imperative, and it is the reason most will have their works published on their websites.

    Be very wary if the florist's answer to this question is no. The pictures of the wedding flowers arrangements that the florist has on the website or the portfolio help provide a sense of whether the florist has some taste in the job. By having a glimpse of the earlier florists works, one will know exactly what the florist is capable of and help in comparing with other florists and making a choice.

    Have you done flowering for another wedding at our chosen site

    It is a good idea to ask the florist if, by any chance, they have worked on the selected site before. This is most likely to be true if the wedding location is held at a public venue. If the florist has worked at the place before it is a good thing as they have a knowledge of the site shape and colours that will work with the site without having to visit the site prior. If the florist has not visited the site before, then it is at this point that the wedding owner has to arrange with the florist to visit the wedding venue to help choose the best wedding flowers Toronto to use to match the venue.


    January 05, 2016


    The Best Valentine's Day Date Spots in Mississauga

    Valentine's Day is JUST around the corner and it generally turns out to be our busiest time of the year, which is hard to imagine after the holiday season we just had! 

    We've been in the community for a long, long time trading at the intersection of love, romance and of course flowers so we feel like we know a thing or two about how to knock someone's socks off on Valentine's Day. 

    With that, we wanted to share some of our favourite ideas for Valentine's Day dates. Hopefully this helps you impress that special someone and make it a truly unforgettable day!


    Skating at Mississauga's Celebration Square


    Public Skate Hours – 10 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.
    Skate Rental - Adults: $10.00 for Two hours

    Spice Lounge and Tapas



    Tuesday nights they have a special deal for three tapas sized entrees and a jug of red or white sangria for $45.00, unfortunately, Valentine's Day falls on a Sunday this year, so this won't be available, but keep that in mind for next time!

    This restaurant is small, but the atmosphere is incredible so make sure to reserve a table early, especially on Valentine's Day. Your date will love how romantic the restaurant is, with dark lighting and close tables. It truly is the perfect place for a date!


    Breakwater at The Waterside Inn



    The Breakwater Dining Room is a landmark of fine dining in Port Credit, and what better day to invest in a great meal than Valentine's Day.

    The staff here are extremely attentive, knowledgeable, and most importantly, the food is incredible. Trust us on this one, it's right across the bridge from us over the Credit river so we've been coming here with our families and loved ones for years!

    If you still don't believe us, take comfort in knowing that it's also been named the best restaurant in Mississauga.


    Michael's Back Door



    Another Mississauga institution, Michael's Back Door is situated in the beautiful little village of Clarkson, just a 7 minute drive West of Port Credit along Lakeshore. 

    One of the best things about this place, besides the incredible, and we really do mean incredible food, is the fact that Michael's Back Door is just up the street from a wonderful little park overlooking Lake Ontario, situated in the enclave of Rattray Marsh. With a picturesque view of the Toronto skyline, it's the perfect spot to cap off a great night with a hand in hand walk.


    Snug Harbour



    Some people think of Snug Harbour as a summer hotspot, and it most certainly is, but with its enormous windows and beautiful view, it's also a terrific spot to spend a cozy winter night with your loved one. 

    One of the many benefits of Valentine's day falling on a Sunday this year is the chance to get out to a wonderful brunch! Lucky for you, that's one of Snug Harbour's specialties. 


    Yuk Yuk's



    One option that's a bit out of the box, and perhaps a bit better for couples who've been together for a while and feel comfortable around each other (just in case the comic decides to do some especially tough crowd work) is Canada's most notorious comedy club, Yuk Yuk's.

    There's currently no set show for Valentine's Day but it's only a matter of time before the club in Mississauga announces its Valentine's Day lineup. Alternatively, it's possible to book seats at the downtown Toronto location which has already begun selling seats for that Sunday's show. At $11.50 a piece to see some of the city's finest talent, it's a guaranteed good time. 


    The Second City Theatre



    A little over 40 years ago, this specific theatre in Toronto sent Gilda Radner and Dan Akroyd to Saturday Night Live where they became Hollywood royalty. Since then, the Second City has become a breeding ground for world class talent like Martin Short, Eugene Levy, Mike Myers, Catherine O'Hara, and spawned the enormously influential SCTV television show. 

    If you're looking for something casual and lighthearted but upbeat, there's no better way to spend your Valentine's Day. They've even got a special show for the 14th of February all setup and ready to go. 

    "The Second City knows a few things about love — we’ve been looking at and laughing about relationships for over 55 years. Hooking Up With The Second City makes mirth out of missed connections, girls’ night out adventures and all the crazy things we do for love. This gaspingly funny revue is a modern mix of romance, rancor and everything in between. Performance Time 90 minutes plus intermission"





    Based on what some of our clients have told us, and especially considering Valentine's Day is on a Sunday, which is generally THE day for relaxing, perhaps the greatest way to spend the day is to drive over to one of Mississauga's best Spa's for couples massages. Here's a list of great spots!

     Village Wellness Spa

     Elmwood Spa (downtown)

    Glenerin Inn and Spa

    Four Seasons Spa


    Skiing and Snowboarding



    If you're an active couple, then you've probably already scheduled this for your Sundays throughout the winter months. Lucky for you, you can do this as a day trip getaway to either Mont St. Louis Moonstone or Glen Eden, or extend it into an entire weekend at a resort like Blue Mountain or Hockley Valley.    

    If you haven't thought about it yet, well you really should, because working out = endorphins!






    January 04, 2016


    Understanding When Women Truly Want Flowers.

    We all know that you can't go wrong sending roses for Valentine's Day, or a gift basket to Mom for Mother's Day, but we wanted to understand when flowers can truly make a deep and unforgettable memory. So we asked 100 women to tell us their favourite times to receive flowers in Mississauga. Here's some of what they said. The answers might surprise and inspire you!

    Just Because!

    • When they're a surprise, for absolutely no reason but just because. Then they're very special. But really, I love getting flowers at any time!
    • When they're a surprise, for absolutely no reason but just because. Then they're very special. But really, I love getting flowers at any time!
    • When I'm not expecting them! Surprise flowers are the best.


    Surprise Flowers


    At Extra Stressful Moments

    • After stressful days. Also "Just because." And when I have to meet an important deadline and work on something it's nice to have fresh flowers to work beside.

    • Flowers are always a treat to me :) But occasionally my parents would send me flowers during finals week, or just during really stressful times in my life and it always made me feel really happy and loved.


    Stressed Out Student


    Mission Accomplished!

    • When I get the house super deep cleaned and everything looks just right, I like to put flowers out to sort of top it all off. Those are special because they're like my little YOU GO GLEN COCO gift to myself.


    Woman Cleaning Home


    • I enjoy "just because" flowers. I enjoy bouquets with a lot of my favorite color - yellow. Doesn't have to be roses at all, especially on Valentine's day.


    Women with Yellow Flowers


    • My parents sent me flowers the time I landed my first freelancing job. It was so sweet and I loved it. I'd also say a good time to send flowers might be to a student during finals week as a little pick-me-up or on the first day of the last semester of college or something like that. Not exactly milestones, but just times where you need some extra "you're awesome" encouragement. :)


    Female Student


    • On a Tuesday.



    • When they're because "I was just thinking about you!", and are full of color like this.



    Signalling Change


    Spring Flowers


    • I generally go for potted plants over arrangements so I can stick them in my garden, but I like getting seasonal flowers. Sometimes I'll buy flowers or potted plants for holiday center pieces (after the holiday, I stick the flowers in my bathroom, since I figure that's the place where they'll be enjoyed the most). I like when flower shops have a selection of pet safe arrangements.


    Flowers Around the Home


    • I like them before people leave to go on business trips and stuff. My stepdad gives them to my mom and I can always tell he's been gone awhile because they start dying on the table.


    Business Trip



    • For no scheduled reason. It warms my heart amazingly when he comes home with sunflowers just because they're one of my favourites, or because they reminded him of our wedding day. The best flowers are the ones you weren't expecting.



    • I love love love love love flowers. The best way to make my day or surprise me is to give me flowers. They make me smile, they smell nice, and they just brighten the mood. I would never want to be surprised every month with flowers, but it would be a nice treat every once and awhile.


    • love the "when I'm not expecting them!" line, one of my coworkers occasionally receives a single rose from her fiance and enjoys it very much. It comes with a piece of chocolate and a little card. 

    March 21, 2015



    Buying that right bouquet can be as tough as buying a birthday gift for someone, but maybe not quite as tough as planning wedding flowers. But still, how do you even begin to impress someone with flowers? Where do you start!

    Well first things first, you've got to know that flowers are more than just pretty plants. They hit almost all of our senses simultaneously. We experience their colour, their smell, and their look. For those reasons, flowers, with their infinite colours and shapes can do more than just sit around looking pretty. They can become the focal point of any atmosphere.

    Here are some tips to help you enhance the mood for the upcoming events in your life.

    Sensuous Date Night

    It's not a cliche. There's just nothing that begins a romantic night better than a stunning rose bouquet. The variety and versatility of the rose conveys love, intention and attention to the lucky recipient.  Presented either over the arm in a “Miss America” bouquet, or an exuberant vase of color, the fabled meaning of a rose, as well as its aroma, really does smell so sweet. Still not sure about your date night? We made a list of exactly how to send a woman flowers

    Intimate Gathering 

    Seasonal flowers are always in fashion for an evening in the kitchen, living room, dining room or patio.  Bulb flowers in the spring, sunflowers in the summer and autumn, and mixed garden flowers all year long make perfect centrepieces or hostess gifts.  Pair with a stunning container or hand blown glass vase for a lasting impact.

    Milestone Celebration
    (graduation, engagement party, 40th birthday etc.)

    Party flowers can be colourful, fun and wild with vibrant colours found in gerbera daisies, mixed carnations, stock or tulips. Don’t be afraid to mix bright colours in new combinations. They just might help get that party started. 

    Every Day Arrangement (something with a long vase-life)

    Orchids, carnations, tulips and lilies make wonderful hand tied bouquets that truly last when you freshen the water frequently. They come in colors to compliment any decor and bring a spot of happiness into a home interior. We're more than happy to make one for you if you're stuck! That's why we created our florists choice flowers in Mississauga. If you're still stuck, we're always just a phone call away!

    A Formal Affair (boss to dinner, in-laws to dinner, gala event)

    Orchids are the flowers for formality and elegance. From the popular phaleanopsis, to the larger cymbidium stems, orchids are perfect in a tuxedo and gown setting, or when you simply want to express to your guests that this is a special evening. Even humble dendrobium orchids when used in bulk, create a fluffy elegance which hold their own against starched white linen. Fortunately they come in an array of colors to suit all occasions from pure white to hot fuchsia to shocking orange. Mix and match for an unusual display of tropical elegance. You might be looking at a higher tier of flowers for these occasions, and we've got you covered. These are our collection of the most luxurious and elegant flowers in Mississauga