How to Properly Send a Woman Flowers

There is nothing better than getting flowers, especially at work, even still, not every man knows how to do it right, but lucky for you, we're here you set it straight.

Go Local!

The biggie here is to NEVER use a large, coupon-y, national flower delivery service like 1-800-flowers and the like. These flowers come in a box, dry, with a vase and a set of instructions. The recipient has to set it up herself. It's awkward and cheap, and the flowers themselves look like they've been through a war. Never do this.

1-800 businesses will almost always claim to "use local florists" -- and the kicker is, they do. It's not like they have a warehouse of flowers around the world where they deliver flowers from. No, instead they undercharge you for the flowers, promising, for example, a $50 arrangement. From that, subtract a $7-13 delivery fee and the commission they take on each order... and now, what the florist has to work with now is about $35. So, often these orders get bounced around from florist to florist, until someone finally picks it up and throws together something that frankly, might not even be worth receiving.


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Trust Your Florist's Expertise

If you can't find something you like on their website, do not hesitate to call the shop. Florists are some of the nicest people in the world. Just give them a budget, like we do here. It's our customer flowers in Mississauga option. Always offer a few guidelines but let them use their judgment and expertise. "Something really spectacular", "something different and edgy", "romantic but not roses" "as unique and beautiful as she is"... trust them to build you the best arrangement based on what's looking great and is in stock. Florists are artists! Let them show off their talent! And remember to clarify that you need a vase/container of some sort--you don't want her to get a bouquet that slowly dies on her desk. 

One of our most popular items for our Mississauga clientèle is our Florist's Choice Arrangement. Just set your budget, add a message and let us handle the rest. We guarantee we'll leave her speechless.


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Add A Message!

Send a message. Do NOT just have them add your name to the card. Say something. Imagine the state she's going to be in when she opens the card after receiving the flowers--take advantage of it. Don't be lewd or too literal. For instance, DON'T say "last night was great". DO say "Can't wait for the next time I get to see you". Better yet--an inside joke/phrase/reference. Keep it short and sweet! Don't gush, the flowers did it for you. Be cool.


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On our site, there's the option to add a note to each order. Make sure you use it!

So when's the best times to send flowers?

On a Friday when you're seeing each other that night, send her flowers at work during the day (IF it's easy for her to get them home). On any day of the week earlier on, so that she enjoys them at work all week long and doesn't have to take them home at all. Any day when you're going to see her that night. Obviously on her birthday and any kind of special anniversary.

Whenever...but not too often. Don't spoil her too much!

If she's sick, send her flowers at home. Having a beautiful floral arrangement in your home is the ultimate brightener.


That's about it. Happy romancing! 


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