How can I Send Flowers to my Client

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Businesses order flowers online from time to time. Whether it’s a truck of flowers for a major event or a small arrangement sent to a client to show gratitude, the gift of flowers certainly leaves a lasting impression. Guaranteed, flowers will not last forever, but the impact of giving them can last for a lifetime. And for businesses, what better gift can you give your client than send flowers?

Sending flowers is important if you want to gain a client’s loyalty. Send some flowers to express your condolences if your client has lost someone close to them or a bouquet to celebrate them moving into a new office. Here are some tips that will help you choose the perfect flowers for your client.

Are the flowers for a group or an individual?

You need to know if the flowers you want to send are for the entire company or for a particular person. If the flowers are for a group, consider sending a floral arrangement that everyone will appreciate. You can never go wrong with a combined floral arrangement.

Therefore, you can choose an arrangement that has tulips and an azalea plant. This is sure to bring delight. If the flowers are for an individual, carry out a little research to find out what that particular client likes in terms of flowers and have your local florist send it to them.

Send a Flower bouquet that carries a message

Before you decide on what kind of flowers to send to a client, think about what it is that makes you feel about them. For instance, if a client seems to have a lot of optimism, a combination of yellow carnations, roses, and Gerbera daisies, with white monte casino asters look bright and sunny. Sending such a bouquet will send a message to your client that you appreciate their vibrancy.

Keep your relationship with the client in mind

More often than not, the relationship between a business person and a client grows to be very close. If the relationship has lasted for a long period of time, it is likely that you have witnessed each other’s milestones in life.

In the professional world, the relationship may have opened up great opportunities, avoided problems or saved money. As such, as a matter of professional courtesy, stay away from sending flowers such as red roses to a client of the opposite sex as this might lead to a misunderstanding because red roses signify romantic interest.

Be cautious when sending condolence flowers

Following the loss of a loved one, the family usually gathers and receives many visitors. If your client loses someone, you will naturally want to express your sympathy if your relationship has been close. If possible, go personally to the funeral after or before the flower delivery.

This will affirm the importance of your relationship. If for any reason you cannot visit your client during their time of loss, send a sympathy card with a message, a memorial gift or a sympathy basket along with flowers. The client is likely to take such kind gestures to heart and remain loyal.

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