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With many years of experience, we at euro flowers promise to provide nothing less than a gift basket handcrafted to perfection. We have the residents of Milton talking as we ensure every season’s gift baskets are bigger and better. We promise same day gift basket delivery if you order before 10AM. Our baskets can range in size, texture, flavor and build depending on what you order. We are your best choice for gift basket delivery and here are some of the reasons why you should choose us.

Warm and soothing gifts

There’s no better way to relax and reflect in the winter season than with a basket of cookies, mugs and tea. Winter will have nothing on you as we also have gift baskets containing chocolates, coffee and hot chocolate. Our gift baskets will definitely soothe your soul, warm your heart and cheer your taste buds. We have everything required to get you in a good mood and make you feel toasty and warm on those cold winter days.

We are your reliable gift experts

Rain or the sunshine, nothing will hinder our gift basket delivery services so if you are worried about going out on cold days to find snacks for your guests, worry no more. We have party trays, cheese platters and dried fruit baskets all of which can be delivered on your doorstep. Events such as Steam Era which takes place in Milton every Labor Day have many tourists streaming into town. They eventually find themselves housing with family and friends and this is one of the best times to let us serve you and your guests.

We help the community

The growth of cities in GTA has been steady in the recent past. However, it still remains to be attached to the feel and look of the usual dreamy environment of a small town. Tourists will visit but will most likely end up staying due to the impressive balance between the rural, suburban and urban areas. With features such as the Niagara Escarpment, provincial conservation farms and parks, the community is filled with natural landscapes. The streets of Milton are filled with small pop shops and farms that give the feel of a close-knit community. People love Milton because of its ongoing community involvement and maintenance. Apart from that, Milton is known for its special neighborly appreciations. Our gift baskets are a great way to show your gratitude. Whether a neighbor watched over your place while you were on vacation or it’s the local plumber’s birthday, it is important to form a relationship with the community. We are able to accommodate the perfect gift for your neighbors, friends, family and the whole community.

We ensure your recipients are satisfied

Our delivery services are reliable and reputable to satisfy and serve the needs of each of our recipients. For gift baskets to be delivered within Milton, we provide same day and next day services. All deliveries in the Milton area will be received within a timely fashion and on the day they are ordered, helping us to achieve an extraordinary level of customer service.



We have unique gift baskets for every occasion

Gift baskets don’t have to be a struggle to receive and our selection is nothing like what it used to be. We offer gift baskets that are loaded up with superior items such as chocolate, cookies, candies, snacks and wines. We have discovered the best of the best so you can send any of the following gift baskets and be sure to come out a winner.

  • The man can

Men do not receive gifts as much as women do and that is why we came up with the man can. This gift basket contains aftershave, lotion, hand butter, soap and everything else a man could need for keeping his skin looking and feeling great. It can be a great gift to men during occasions such as birthdays and father’s day. The can containing the gifts is reusable after all the products in it are used up.

  • Christmas gift basket

Christmas is a time for family and friends. You can celebrate the season with a Christmas gift basket from us. Our Christmas gift baskets are fresh, vibrant and suitable for acquaintances, friends and relatives. Our mission is to make your holiday gifting needs affordable and easy. We send Christmas gift baskets that we would love to receive ourselves and if you are looking for a complimentary gift, our Christmas floral bouquets are available.

  • Sweet reminiscence

Our sweet nostalgia gift basket is specially designed for old friends. It contains gummy bears, a candy bracelet, a Clark bar and pop rocks. We intend to give your recipient all the sweet they can handle and take them back to an earlier time with candies that have been around for a long time. If its old-fashioned candy, it surely is in our gift basket.

  • Craft beer and snacks basket

If your friends love craft beer, this is the gift basket to get them. We do not put light beer in the basket. We use beers such as Red Stripe, Newcastle, Heineken and Guinness that you can take time to enjoy and not just gulp in. We include plenty of snacks to go with the beer as well.

  • Triple treat fruit deluxe

This is a gift basket for someone who leads a healthy lifestyle and enjoys high quality fruit. With a combination of three different fruits like apples, pears and oranges, this pack will help your recipient to get through their day with a positive attitude.

  • Bath and body invigoration gift basket

This is a great gift basket for mothers, wives and girlfriends. It puts a message across that you are aware of how hard they work just to ensure that you are comfortable and that the basket is to help them relax. We pack the gift basket with items to help them renew and invigorate their bodies such as foot cream, lip balm, body lotion and scented soaps.




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