Significance of Daisy Flowers


Fresh flowers can represent love, sympathy or friendship. From get well flowers to Mother’s day flowers to birthday flowers. The daisy flower is known as the fifth most popular flower in the world because the bloom comes in an array of various colors and is suitable for a number of occasions. Daisies are beautiful flowers and can seem to have as many meanings as there are species. The most generally accepted meanings are;


White daisies with yellow or pale centers represent innocence. A person who sends another daisies, hopes that the viewer will see the world as they once did as a child.


This is symbolized by daisies that are as white as could possibly be. This stems from the Roman myth of Vertumnus a god of seasons who was obsessed with Belides a nymph. He pursued her continuously and to escape his attention, she turned herself into a daisy.

New beginnings

In Norse mythology, the daisy is Freya’s sacred flower. Freya is a goddess of fertility. This is why daisies are always packed in bouquets for children or new mothers. Daisies are also given to parents who lost their children at childbirth as a symbol of renewal for the spirit of the departed child.

True love

Each daisy flower is actually two flowers blended together and they could mean to signify two hearts joined together as one. As a man, sending daisies to your significant other is usually seen as a beautiful gift for her. In Victorian times, young heartbroken women used the daisy by plucking the petals one by one and singing ‘he loves me, he loves me not’. The last petal plucked would be the future of her relationship. The custom exists to this day.


Each gift flower sends a message. Daisies send several messages .Sending of daisies to a person could be signifying that the sender can keep a secret. Being able to keep secrets is one of the ways an individual can express true love for another person.

Symbolism of the Daisy Flower

Daisies symbolize the sun in modern paganism just because they seem to appear like the sun or stars. In Victorian times, different species of daisies symbolized different the things listed below.

  • Michaelmas daisy- symbolizes a departure or a farewell.
  • Gerber daisies-symbolize cheerfulness and were often paired with ferns which symbolize sincerity
  • English daisy-when used as a gift flower, these daisies symbolize innocence. They were paired with primroses which are a symbol for motherly love.


Medicine and Aromatherapy


Daisies have no aroma and as such, they are found in folk medicine. The main ingredient is the flower heads and sometimes the leaves. Since they are fully edible, daisies were used in treating colds. Some healers recommend tea made from daisies for arthritis pains and kidney problems. Generally, daisy tea improves the digestive and metabolic system and encourages appetite.

Daisy Superstitions

    • Dreaming of summer daisies indicates good fortune
    • Daisy wine taken over fifteen days cures insanity
    • Daisy petals placed under your pills brings love dreams
    • If a sick person eats pounded daisy blended with wine and cannot keep it down, it is a death omen
  • Spring does not arrive until you set foot on a dozen daisies
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