Things to ask your Wedding Florist


When it comes to wedding planning the flower is one of the most important parts that should be taken very seriously. For the bride, mostly the flowers are a huge part of the day. For a bride, it is the one day to walk around with a beautiful flower bouquet, have some flowers on the hair, and practically have flowers all around.


As much as flowers are important, not just any flower can be used and not any arrangement is okay to be used for a wedding. This need for arrangement and choice of flowers to use at a wedding is the reason for the need for a florist service at a wedding. The florists primary job is to create great and beautiful flower arrangements that meet both the wedding’s budget and theme. To be able to achieve these requirements, it is essential for the wedding owner to discuss with the florist, and the only way to have a successful discussion is by knowing the right question to ask the florist.

How many weddings have you done

This question is mainly focused on understanding the florist's experience in wedding flowering. This is a formal question of asking the wedding florist if they know exactly they are doing. As known in any service offering field, the experience is a good sign of expertise level, and it is critical on wedding flowering as it will help the florist work on the process quickly no matter the challenges.


Can I see your portfolio

Asking florist Toronto shops how many weddings they have serviced is a good question but many of the dubious florists will find ways to dodge this issue, and that is where the portfolio becomes necessary. Asking for the florist’s portfolio is a must as it also helps the wedding owner with ideas on themes and how to have flowers arranged on the marriage day. If the portfolio is not enough, It is acceptable for the wedding owner to ask for more of the florist's works to see photos of the works done by the florist. Seeing what the florist has done in the past is imperative, and it is the reason most will have their works published on their websites.

Be very wary if the florist's answer to this question is no. The pictures of the wedding flowers arrangements that the florist has on the website or the portfolio help provide a sense of whether the florist has some taste in the job. By having a glimpse of the earlier florists works, one will know exactly what the florist is capable of and help in comparing with other florists and making a choice.

Have you done flowering for another wedding at our chosen site

It is a good idea to ask the florist if, by any chance, they have worked on the selected site before. This is most likely to be true if the wedding location is held at a public venue. If the florist has worked at the place before it is a good thing as they have a knowledge of the site shape and colours that will work with the site without having to visit the site prior. If the florist has not visited the site before, then it is at this point that the wedding owner has to arrange with the florist to visit the wedding venue to help choose the best wedding flowers Toronto to use to match the venue.


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