Tips for sending flowers to your man


Gone are the days when flowers were considered feminine. Currently, men are more welcome to receiving flowers as gifts on their special days. The modern man is more open to ideas and creativity in gifting especially when it comes to flowers. That being said, sending your man flowers will need a little bit of thought to welcome his anticipated reception. Remember men are cautious of anything that challenges or diminishes their masculinity. You will want to find just the right flowers, packaged accordingly to elude a masculine effect.

Below are useful tips for sending your man flowers.

Address the occasion 

Unlike women, men are not so receptive to receiving random flowers without a specific occasion. You will need to make sure the flowers are well suited to the occasion you are responding to. For instance, his birthday is an ideal occasion to send him flowers. A job promotion or recognition for something he does is also the perfect occasion to send flowers. Choose the flowers wisely for each occasion.

  • Select masculine flowers

  • Men will not appreciate flowers oozing femininity even from their loved ones. It is off-putting to their masculine self and will not be appreciated regardless of the occasion. Dendrobium orchids and sunflowers make a good choice for men flowers. Roses too are an excellent choice but you will need to select masculine colors and arrangements for the bouquet.
  • Choose an appropriate color and floral arrangement 

    Pastel colors are most appealing to women than men. This should be avoided when choosing flowers for your man. Unisex colors such black, white and purple are the perfect choice for men flowers. The bouquet arrangement can also complement or ruin the entire situation. Men prefer simple floral arrangements, less busy and not too ‘pretty’.

    Know the different flower meanings 


    Flowers convey various messages especially to the recipient. You will want to send flowers that send the right message to avoid misinterpretation. Generally, red roses are associated with passionate feelings, yellow roses communicate friendship, while Daisies communicate loyalty. For someone who is keen, they will take into account the details of the flowers received and research on the meaning associated with the flowers.

    Include a personal touch

     Personalized gifts elicit more appreciation than normal gifts. The same applies to flowers. You can choose his favorite colors for the flowers, or arrange the bouquet to represent something personal about him. Sometimes getting creative on the card as well is a much-welcomed surprise. This will be more effective if you know your man too well. They will definitely appreciate the gift but be more stunned at how well you know their likes and interests and are actively involved in genuinely pleasing them.

    Include an extra gift within the package 

    Chocolates, movie or game tickets, jewelry are examples of additional gifts that can be packaged within the flower bouquet. An exotic wine bottle is also an excellent additional gift to send along with the flowers. Being creative on accompanying gifts improves the overall outcome. This shows your thoughtfulness in making your man feel special. Flowers alone can sometimes be interpreted as an ‘easy’ gift one quickly decided on the last time. To show your partner that you actually care and did plan for their gift, include the ‘main’ gift in your flower bouquet.


    Flowers are a universal gift appropriate for most occasions if not all. The recent years have seen a dramatic shift in human behavior previously associated with a certain gender. Men are adapting feminine- like habits and will easily be open to receiving flowers as a gift. However, they are doing so while still protecting their masculinity. As much as a man will accept flowers, he will not be so open to a pink, love-heart arranged bouquet. When sending your man flowers, be keen to uphold his masculinity in your choice of flowers and bouquet arrangement.

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