What to think about when buying flowers for a funeral in Mississauga

Notwithstanding, of the reason, whether it is for a funeral, birthday or wedding, flowers are generally meant to lift the spirits of the recipient. Sympathy and funeral flowers are equivalently very crucial during the difficult time of loss. They make the people who have been afflicted by the loss feel appreciated and loved.it is a practice recognized all over the world and Mississauga is no exception. Before buying flowers for funerals you should consider a few factors beforehand as we shall evaluate below.

The religion of the deceased and family

In Mississauga, there are people from across all religious beliefs both the deceased and bereaved. You should take into close consideration because most religions have varying beliefs when it comes to flowers and funerals. Some of the beliefs are religious, cultural and even some just personal beliefs. So it is very vital to consider all these to avoid causing more grief to the bereaved and disrespect to the deceased by not respecting their beliefs. For instance for Catholics and Protestants, they have no specifications or beliefs regarding flowers during funerals so most or all flowers are acceptable it is up to your discretion. However, the same does not apply to Islam as the many subdivisions of the diverse faith have reservations on flowers so it would be best to inquire from the bereaved first before buying funeral flowers for them. Also, people from the Hindu faith use garlands and ornaments instead of flowers to adorn their funeral services.

Relationship with the deceased

In Mississauga the type of flower arrangement one brings or sends to the funeral is dependent on your relationship to the deceased or to the family. This is the case in most parts of the world though not strictly. So before purchasing flowers one should be aware on what flower arrangement is relative to your relationship with the deceased. In case you are a close relative to the deceased then it is advisable to go for a casket spray or wreath. The reason for this is because those flowers location is on top of the casket or on the graveside to symbolize the close relationship you had thus the close proximity to the deceased. If you are a member of the extended family it is advisable to go for a standing spray arrangement bouquet. If you are a friend or work colleague for the deceased you should buy a flower vase bouquet, basket arrangement bouquets or single flower arrangements.

Funeral Arrangements


Before you embark on buying any funeral flower bouquets it is first of all important to know what funeral arrangements the bereaved family have for the actual funeral. This is with respect to whether they have a certain color scheme that is set out to be in effect. This will avoid your flowers looking out of place when put alongside the other flowers. In the event that they have not set out policies regarding flowers then it is entirely your discretion on what type of flower bouquet to bring. Some opt to receive donations instead of flowers to aid the families afflicted by the loss.

Effect of the flowers

As anywhere else in the world. In Mississauga, funerals are generally a somber period and with it brings a lot of grief and sorrow. In the past, before modern medicine flowers were mainly to disguise the foul smell of decaying corpses, with modern medical innovation that is no longer the case, flowers represent very many symbolic meaning to different groups of people. They are to create a certain ambiance that is ideal to lift the spirits of the bereaved and any other concerned parties. Before buying any flowers you should consider the effect they will have on those you intend to receive the flowers, you should be careful to consider that the flowers do not cause any further torment as your choice may have a negative effect on someone.

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