Mother's Day 2020


Have you thought about what you're going to do for your mother yet?  Maybe some sweets or perhaps some Mother’s Day gift baskets?

Odds are, you're probably considering flowers. Giving flowers as Mother's Day gifts has been a long-standing tradition for many years. It's thoughtful. It's sweet. And, it's an absolutely beautiful way to show your mother just how much you appreciate everything she does for you.

But if you're not familiar with flowers, you probably don't know where to start! There are hundreds of different flower options out there, all with different meanings. 

How will you decide what to get for your dear, sweet mum? You want to get ones that will make her smile. Ones that she'll proudly display for all her visitors to see.

Don't worry! Euro Flowers has the best flower delivery in Mississauga, and we’re here to help you make the perfect gift choice for the important women in your life.


Here's our list of Top 5 Trends for Mother's Day Flowers:




Carnations aren't just for prom dates! They have a long history of being connected with Mother's Day. 

In fact, for quite some time carnations have been considered the official flower of Mother's Day. 

Carnations come in a wide variety of colours, though we recommend that you get your mother either pink or red carnations for Mother's Day. 

Red carnations represent love, while pink ones represent a mother's undying love for their child.

If your mother has passed on (we're very sorry), be sure to get her white carnations in memory of the love you'll always carry for her.



Not many flowers have a shape as distinctive and stunning as lilies. 

They come in an almost endless variety of colours; meaning it will not only will it stand out alone or in a bouquet, but you can almost guarantee you'll be able to find lilies in your mother's favourite colours.

There are also a variety of different kinds of lilies, that offer different shapes, scents and meanings, depending on which you choose.

Calla Lilies are the most popular kind and are fairly common to find. It has broad, white petals that represent innocence simplicity.

Casa Blanca Lilies are sweet smelling, if you're looking for a flower with a sweeter, more noticeable scent. They're a great way to tell your mother, you think she's a sweet woman.

Peruvian Lilies (one of our favourites), have semi-heart shaped petals and two-tones of colour. Not only are these absolutely stunning, but a single stem from a peruvian lily can have 3 - 5 blossoms, making them a beautiful centerpiece for any mixed bouquet.



Worried about the flowers you choose wilting too fast, not giving your mother the chance to truly appreciate the thought you put into designing her Mother's Day present?

You won't have to worry about that when you choose to get your mother tulips this Mother's Day. They're big, full-looking and brightly coloured. 

Plus, they last much longer than most other flowers, making them the perfect present for someone who's looking for a more long-lasting gift than just a few days.

Often compared to roses, tulips come in a wide assortment of colours, spanning every colour in the rainbow. 

They each have their own meaning, so if you want to tell your mother you love her, get red. Pink symbolizes caring and purple is great for royalty. 

If you're thinking about getting tulips, why not get a bouquet including a variety of colours? It's sure give your mother the 'wow factor' you're hoping for.



Does your mother have exotic tastes? Is she a fan of delicate, graceful things?

If so, orchids might be the perfect Mother's Day present for your mom. 

While they are more fragile and unique looking than most other flowers, they are also gorgeous and have a very enticingly sweet scent. 

Buying your mother orchids tells her that you think she's intelligent, quirky and fun. She's one of a kind, which is always a perfect thought for making your mother feel special this Mother's Day.

Some orchids have a shorter lifespan, but if you go with the Cymbidium or Anthurium varieties, they can last as long as 4 - 6 weeks with very little maintenance.

After all, we don't want to make extra work for mom on Mother's Day, right?


#5.) ROSES


Roses have a very interesting relationship with Mother's Day.

Many people make the mistake of thinking they aren't an appropriate flower to give your mother on this special day, because of the traditional relationship between roses and romantic relationships.

But that's only red roses. There are a rainbow of other rose colours, each with their own unique meaning. And really, you can give your mother red roses if that's what appeals to you or her. Red symbolizes love, and we all love our mothers. There's nothing wrong about that.

Pink roses symbolize grace and yellow roses symbolize friendship. Given how vibrant and distinct yellow roses are, they light up any room and are a great way to tell your mom 'thanks for being you'.

The options are almost endless, and you can build bouquets of your favourites to send a colourful gift full of caring symbolic messages. 

Don't let anyone tell you, you shouldn't get your mother roses. More than anything, they are a classy, traditional way to tell someone you love them.

If you think about it, aren't our mothers the first loves of our lives?

There are tons of other great options than just these five flowers to give your mother a thoughtful, meaningful gift for Mother's Day. 

Decide what you think holds the most significance for you and your mom, and then start thinking about what flowers will help represent those feelings.

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