How To Buy Peonies in Mississauga

What Are Peonies And How To Buy Peonies?

One of the most eye-catching, beloved families of flowers in nature are the gorgeous peonies.

While there is some contention over exactly how many varieties of peony flowers exist, the current belief is that there are 33 species and hundreds of varieties! That's a TON of different kinds of peonies!

Most peony flowers fall into one of three categories: Herbaceous, Itoh hybrids and tree peonies, though the most commonly purchased varieties fall into the first two categories.

With that many different types of peonies available, how will you know what kind is right for you?

Well, as your favorite florist in Mississauga and Etobicoke, we've compiled a list of our favorite types of peonies, so that you can find a little bit of guidance before you buy your next flower gifts.


'Red Charm' Peonies

Family: Herbaceous Peony

Who could possibly resist the striking, deep crimson-coloured red charm peony? We know we can't.

This flower has full, peaked centers, giving its petals an almost rose-like quality. And its sweet-spicy fragrance is both appealing and attention-grabbing, just like the flower itself!


'Krinkled White' Peonies 

Family: Herbaceous Peony

While many peony flowers offer a double bloom, that's not always the case. This stunning white peony flower only has a single bloom, but has gorgeous pure white petals with a vibrant yellow center.

Gentle and sweet looking, its pleasant fragrance adds to the beauty of this amazing peony, making it a great flower gift for any occasion.


'Kopper Kettle’ Peonies

Family: Itoh Hybrid Peony 

If you're looking for a peony flower that's going to make a strong impression, you've found it!

This orange and yellow-streaked double-blooming peony is a head-turner in any garden or as part of any bouquet of flowers. Surround it in your arrangement with blues and purples for a wonderful contrast, when these bloom in the late Spring.


'Pink Double Dandy' Peonies

Family: Itoh Hybrid Peony

One of the coolest things about this variety of peony flower, is that its lavender-pink petals will fade to a much softer pink as the plant matures.

This phenomenal flower makes an attractive addition to any garden, or simply as a centerpiece in a vase of flowers to brighten up a room in your home.


'Madame Emile Debatene' Peonies

Family: Herbaceous Peony

While there are a number of different pink peonies available in different varieties, the Madame Emile Debatene is arguably the most vibrant of them all (other than perhaps the 'Glory Hallelujah' peony), making them a brilliant choice for cut flowers.

These double flowers have a pretty tufted center, which also sets them aside from many other types of peonies; while still maintaining the double-bloom that is so common amongst varieties of peony flowers.


'Buckeye Belle' Peonies

Family: Herbaceous Peony

These luscious garnet petals are contrasted by warm golden anthers, making it a popular peony to plant next to tulips and columbines.

This flower was first introduced into the market in 1956, but it's become much more popular in recent decades; even winning the gold medal from the American Peony Society in 2010, and Peony of the Year in 2011.


'Joker' Peonies

Family: Herbaceous Peony

The 'Joker' peony has a very unique style compared to most other peonies, because it's fully double-bloomed petals and picotee edging make the flower somewhat resemble giant carnations!

These are commonly planted in British gardens alongside dianthus and foxgloves, though like most peony flowers, this flower requires at least 6 hours a day in the sun to remain at its blooming best.


'Prairie Charm' Peonies

Family: Itoh Hybrid Peony

This award-winning peony was crowned the Award of Landscape Merit in 2009, which is no surprise when you see this lovely two-toned peony flower.

Sporting pale yellow petals with red flares along the bottom of each petal, there's no other peony quite like this beautiful variety. Its upright, divided leaves also give it a very unique shape compared to most other peonies.

It doesn't matter what type of peonies you're considering for your next flower gift, bouquet of flowers or just to increase the vivaciousness of your own garden, Euro Flowers is here to help you find the right flowers to fit your needs.

Give us a call, reach out by email or visit our store location in Port Credit, and an expert florist will be glad to answer any questions you might have and offer any guidance you might need.

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