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For as many colours as there are in the rainbow, there are matching roses; each with their own symbolic meanings.

With that in mind, we've put together some information about the different colours of roses and what they represent. So, the next time you give the gift of roses, you'll be sending the recipient the right message.


Orange Roses

Enthusiasm, Fascination & Gratitude 


If you're looking for a vibrant rose that's really going to make a huge impression, look no further than orange roses.

Because of their symbolism for gratitude, these strikingly beautiful flowers are a wonderful way to say thank you to someone who's done you a favour or a person who is always there for you in times of need.

These also make a phenomenal addition to any vase of flowers because of how bright and energetic they are. Put them beside some darker blue or purple flowers for a shocking burst of colour or next to red or yellow roses to create bright, spirited springtime bouquets.


Yellow Roses

Friendship, Compassion & Care


Looking to brighten up the day of a close friend who's going through a tough time? Perhaps, you're simply the kind of person that loves to show their friends how important they are in your life with small flower gifts or even flowers and chocolates.

Yellow roses are an amazing choice for these types of flower gifts. They symbolize friendship and compassion, making them a fantastic way to show loved ones that you appreciate having them in your life.

Warm, sunny yellow roses are also a great way to show friends and loved ones that you're there to support them in their times of need. What better way to brighten up someone's day than with gloriously golden rose bouquets?


Red Roses

Passion, Infatuation & Romantic Love


Probably the most recognizable and frequently given rose from this entire list, red roses have become a cultural staple for representing passionate, romantic love and infatuation.

When we think of special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and of course, Valentine's Day, there's no more perfect flower gift than a rose bouquet for your sweetheart.

Even included in a rainbow bouquet of roses, red roses make a wonderful contribution to any vase of flowers.


Pink Roses

Admiration, Appreciation & Platonic Love


Unlike red roses, pink roses are a great way for sharing feelings of platonic love with friends and family.

Pink roses are traditionally known to represent admiration and appreciation, making these soothing roses are a popular choice for flowers for Mother's Day.

Also, due to their gentle colour, these make a great choice to put alongside yellow roses and purple roses when you're designing a floral arrangement for Easter flowers.


Blue & Purple Roses

Wisdom, Respect & Uniqueness


What do you get for the person who completely embodies the phrase 'one-of-a-kind'?

When someone has an ‘outside the box’ personality, it can be challenging finding them a flower gift that will excite them.

Thankfully, blue and purple roses are a great way to make a powerful statement for them. Representing uniqueness, these striking roses capture the attention of everyone around.

Plus, since they also stand for wisdom and respect, these can be a fantastic gift for teachers, parents or mentors in places of authority.


White Roses

Unity, Innocence, Purity & Rebirth


We'll end our list with the purest variety of all, white roses.

It's no surprise then that these gorgeous roses are a commonly given flower gift for brides and are used as a decoration at weddings, since they signify the newlyweds' new union and the rebirth of their lives together. 

By the same token, because of this colour of rose representing innocence and purity, these roses have become a regularly used flower for funerals.

White roses also make a fantastic addition to any white flower arrangement.

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