Valentine's Day Flowers and Chocolates

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Special Occasion or Just Because, Euro Flowers Has Flower Gifts for You


Are you the kind of person that likes to give your loved one gifts for no reason? Maybe you're the kind of partner that prefers to save gifts like flowers and chocolates for special occasions and holidays.

Regardless of which side of the spectrum you fall on, Euro Flowers has a wonderful selection of flower gifts. Everything from a bouquet of flowers to wreathes to flower baskets.

For those who are scrambling for last-minute gifts because life got in the way of their planning, Euro Flowers offers same day flower delivery. With a high-quality floral delivery, your loved one will be thrilled and grateful, and they'll never know how close you came to forgetting.

For those who insist on keeping fresh flowers in the house, or want to ensure their long-distance loved ones get regular reminders of their affection, we also offer weekly flowers and flower subscription options.

The reason for flower gifts is up to you, but at the end of the day, beautiful floral arrangements speak for themselves. And to those we care about the most, these gifts speak volumes.

 Valentine's Day Flowers and Chocolates


Valentine's Day Flowers and Chocolates

Keep Things Simple for Yourself with a Valentine's Day Delivery Flower Gift


Is there any more perfect flower to give on Valentine's Day than a rose? We certainly don't think so. They're also the perfect floral choice when you're looking to gift flowers and chocolates.

Available in an amazing selection of colours, there are countless ways you can share your feelings with those closest to you on Valentine's Day using roses.

Red and pink roses are the most commonly given V-Day flower gifts. Representing love, passion and affection, these are perfect for showing your spouse or partner how strongly you feel.

For those you'd like to express non-romantic feelings, yellow, green and orange roses are a wonderful way for expressing friendship, warmth and as a gift for those with bright, nature-loving personalities.

White roses are wonderful for remembering those who have passed on, or for loved ones who have recently gone through major life transitions, since white roses also represent rebirth and renewal.

And, of course, for those unique, quirky people in our lives, blue, purple and even black roses are a great way to give them a gift that speaks to their one-of-a-kind personalities. 


Flowers and Chocolates for Mother's Day

Show Mom Some Love with Mother's Day Gift Baskets


It's safe to say most mothers are big fans of chocolate, making that portion of gifting fairly simple. And you can't talk about flower gifts for Mother's Day without discussing carnations.

Since 1908, when Mother's Day was first celebrated, the carnation has been the go-to flower choice for mothers on their special day.

However, did you know that Anna Jarvis, the creator of Mother's Day, chose the carnation as its official flower not because of any symbolic importance for the flower, but because it was her mother's favorite flower? It's true!

Pink or red carnations are typically given to mothers on this holiday, or white carnations are given in remembrance of mothers who have passed on.

Daisies and tulips in a wide array of colours are also given as Mother's Day flower gifts. While they do have individual symbolic meanings, most often these are given as bouquets, composed of a collection of the gift receiver's favourite colours.

If you're not sure what would work best for your mother, give us a call or visit us at our location in Port Credit. An expert florist will be happy to help you find the perfect Mother's Day gift.


Anytime is the Right Time for Flowers and Chocolates

Show Your Affection Year-Round by Buying Flowers Online


Sometimes you just want to show those you love the most, just how much they mean to you. 

When those moments arrive, flowers and chocolates are a great choice, and the selections you choose to give are incredibly personal to the people who are receiving them.

Because there's no specific occasion in mind, almost any flower can make the right gift; as long as they make your loved one smile.

Some important questions to consider are: What are their favorite colours? Do they have a favorite type of flower or flowers? Do they like aromatic flowers with strong fragrances, or soft smelling flowers that offer more visually?

With all these factors to consider, picking flowers at random can be challenging; especially if you don't have a strong knowledge about flowers.

Don't worry though, because Euro Flowers is here to help you find the perfect flower gift to go alongside some chocolates. Reach out to us by phone or email, or visit our store in Port Credit. We'd be honored to help you pick out the perfect flowers for your gift.

Because if you've been searching for 'florists near me' and live in Mississauga, Toronto, Etobicoke or around the GTA, Euro Flowers is the best choice for your floral needs.