Christmas Flowers Mississauga

Christmas Flowers Mississauga

Floral Arrangements Brighten Up Any Holiday Celebrations


The holiday season is a special time of year for many people. Some spend the majority of this season working, while others enjoy extended vacations.

No matter what your holidays may look like, one thing is certain: No matter what type of celebrations you're planning for this year, if you're looking for Christmas flowers Mississauga, Euro Flowers has a perfect holiday floral arrangement for you and your loved ones.

We've compiled a list of some of the most popular arrangements for Christmas to help you decorate your home for the festive season.


Top Holiday Floral Arrangements

Decorative Wreaths


If you're looking to have a Holly Jolly Christmas, as the song likes to suggest, then there may be no other decorative floral arrangement more highly associated with Christmas than decorative holiday wreaths.

Hung on doors and sometimes in dining rooms, Holly wreaths have become a staple for homes and businesses alike.

These gorgeous decorations are a must-have for all holiday decorators, and your favorite Mississauga florist Euro Flowers, can help you find the perfect wreath for your holiday celebrations.


Poinsettias Mississauga

Dating all the way back to the Aztec civilization, and adopted by Mexico's early Christians, poinsettias have become synonymous with Christmas. So much so, these are often actually called the 'Christmas Flower'.

Symbolizing purity, this bright red flower is also often associated with Christmas because its blooming season occurs around the same time.

Often used in a wide variety of Christmas decorations, these are especially nice to choose if you're decorating near windows, where they can get some natural light to keep them vibrant and healthy all the way through to the New Year.


Holiday Centerpieces Mississauga


While there may not be anything individually unique about these decorations, because they are usually just a collection of many of the different things that you find on this list, it's the fact that these centerpieces are able to combine so many different floral elements that makes them so special.

What better way is there to celebrate the holidays than with a floral arrangement that is the literal embodiment of harmony and togetherness?

But what if you can't find the right holiday centerpiece for your next big (or small) get together? Don't worry, because if you're looking for flowers in Mississauga, Euro Flowers is here to help. Just reach out to us or visit our store in Port Credit.

We can either help you determine a premade centerpiece that fits your needs and style, or we can build you a custom one that's exactly what you're looking for!


Ivy & Mistletoe Mississauga

While these two holidays flowers aren't usually the center of your holiday decor, there's a lot to be said for how much of a difference hanging some Ivy or Mistletoe can make to your home or business.

Ivy is usually linked alongside Holly in Christmas designs, dating all the way back to pagan solstice festivals, where Ivy (male) and Holly (female) plants were burnt together to symbolize unity and rebirth.

Mistletoe, on the other hand, represents life and fertility. According to an ancient Norse legend, the goddess Frigg wept onto a mistletoe arrow that killed her son. Then she used the berries that grew from her tears to bring him back to life!

These holiday flowers may be old and rooted in ancient myths and traditions, but their powerful representations of life, unity and fertility are still wonderful representations of everything the holiday season stands for.


White & Red Roses with Greenery


It's no surprise that roses are on this list, because they are a spectacular flower choice for any season or celebration. Red roses in particular, typically associated with love and passion, are also often used in a number of different floral Christmas decorations.

Sometimes bouquets of white and red roses are combined to create 'candy cane' bouquets, while in other designs, the roses are paired alongside leafy greenery to help create the perfect holiday atmosphere.

There's no wrong answer! So, if you're located in Port Credit or Mississauga, visit Euro Flowers come in or give us a call, and we can help you figure out what the best use of roses will be for this year's decorations. 


Christmas Cactus

Belonging to the succulent family, this plant is not only a wonderful way to decorate for the holidays, but also a great addition to your decor year-round!

This is because Christmas Cactus plants don't die with the change of the seasons (hence why they're also called the Thanksgiving Cactus) and can actually live for years if properly cared for. 

Their interesting design looks beautiful in any room, and their stunning leaves are available in white, pink, red and purple, depending on your preferences.