What kind of bouquet is good for a funeral?

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What kind of bouquet is good for a funeral?

Your choice of flowers for a funeral is very crucial to what message you want to pass along about the deceased, yourself and towards the bereaved family. Traditionally flowers are an avenue to express feelings of love and endearment in so many dimensions of life. The same applies in death, funeral flowers have a symbolic meaning that they carry with them. The choice of flowers also shows support through the grieving process.to find out what kind of bouquets are most ideal for a funeral or memorial service please read further.

Lilies bouquet

These are the most common bouquets used in the world all over. Their white color adds a certain aspect of purity to the ambient setting. The white lily is mainly to symbolize the innocence of the deceased and their purity after reincarnation. They ideally act as casket covers or in wreaths for the graveside of the deceased. Apart from that their bright color creates a certain ambiance that radiates the mood rather than the gloom that is customary at a funeral. It is the belief of many that white lilies restore lost innocence of the departed in the next life, this belief is traceable to ancient times. The white stargazer lily however symbolically shows sympathy, it is ideal for a condoling period, not the actual funeral

Roses Bouquet

Ever since time in memorial roses has been in use to convey certain feelings from love to sympathy. The intended feeling a rose emanates is dependent on the color of the rose or the combination of colored roses that form the bouquet. The red rose, for instance, has a symbolic meaning of eternal love these are perfect for a spouse or close family member. White roses symbolize deep respect, innocence or adoration, they are ideal for a funeral of a close friend or work colleague.


Orchids have become a top choice for funeral bouquets because of their easy availability, elegance, durability and generally their fragrance. Orchids come in many colors and you should avoid some of them during funerals to avoid sending the wrong message. Red Orchids are symbolic of strength, endurance, agility, and courage. These bouquets are most ideal for a serviceman or someone who passed away in the line of duty or somebody who succumbed after a long battle with sickness. Pink Orchids are symbolic of feminism, grace and also innocence, they are best bouquets for funerals of the female gender. Blue orchids are relatively unique. They are symbolic of purity and rareness they are perfect for children funeral bouquets. Purple orchids mean respect, esteem and dignity they are ideal bouquets for funerals of people who have an impact in your current status maybe a parent or teacher.


Carnations are a superb choice for funeral flower bouquets because of their durable nature, fragrant ambience that is crucial for any funeral. They lift the spirits of the bereaved with their bright colors and great fragrance. White carnations depict enduring love and innocence, which are perfect for the funeral of a close family relative or somebody you had a deep connection with. Red carnations are symbolic of adoration and respect for the deceased, they are ideal for the funerals of people you have deep respect for and admiration. Pink Carnations are representative of remembrance and femininity they are preferably for funerals of mostly female gender.

Tulips and Daffodils

Very bright and cheerful the Tulips and Daffodils bouquets is a perfect sympathy and funeral bouquet. The alluring color display is a guarantee will lift the spirit of the bereaved. They come in many choices of colors and each representative of its own message. They are a bouquet that depicts sophistication and poise. Purple tulips are representative of royalty and above all appreciation, they are a good choice for the funeral of a person you have great respect for and adoration. Red tulips represent love and care they are a funeral bouquet befitting of someone you poses a close relationship with say a parent, spouse or friend.