Buying that right bouquet can be as tough as buying a birthday gift for someone, but maybe not quite as tough as planning wedding flowers. But still, how do you even begin to impress someone with flowers? Where do you start!

Well first things first, you've got to know that flowers are more than just pretty plants. They hit almost all of our senses simultaneously. We experience their color, their smell, and their look. For those reasons, flowers, with their infinite colors and shapes can do more than just sit around looking pretty. They can become the focal point of any atmosphere.

Here are some tips to help you enhance the mood for the upcoming events in your life.

Sensuous Date Night

It's not a cliche. There's just nothing that begins a romantic night better than a stunning rose bouquet. The variety and versatility of the rose convey love, intention, and attention to the lucky recipient.  Presented either over the arm in a “Miss America” bouquet, or an exuberant vase of color, the fabled meaning of a rose, as well as its aroma, really does smell so sweet. Still not sure about your date night? We made a list of exactly how to send a woman flowers

Intimate Gathering 

Seasonal flowers are always in fashion for an evening in the kitchen, living room, dining room or patio.  Bulb flowers in the spring, sunflowers in the summer and autumn, and mixed garden flowers all year long make perfect centerpieces or hostess gifts.  Pair with a stunning container or hand was blown glass vase for a lasting impact.

Milestone Celebration
(graduation, engagement party, 40th birthday etc.)

Party flowers can be colorful, fun and wild with vibrant colors found in gerbera daisies, mixed carnations, stock or tulips. Don’t be afraid to mix bright colors in new combinations. They just might help get that party started. 

Every Day Arrangement (something with a long vase-life)

Orchids, carnations, tulips, and lilies make wonderful hand-tied bouquets that truly last when you freshen the water frequently. They come in colors to compliment any decor and bring a spot of happiness into a home interior. We're more than happy to make one for you if you're stuck! That's why we created our florists choice flowers in Mississauga. If you're still stuck, we're always just a phone call away!

A Formal Affair (boss to dinner, in-laws to dinner, gala event)

Orchids are the flowers for formality and elegance. From the popular phalaenopsis to the larger cymbidium stems, orchids are perfect in a tuxedo and gown set, or when you simply want to express to your guests that this is a special evening. Even humble dendrobium orchids when used in bulk, create a fluffy elegance which holds their own against starched white linen. Fortunately, they come in an array of colors to suit all occasions from pure white to hot fuchsia to shocking orange. Mix and match for an unusual display of tropical elegance. You might be looking at a higher tier of flowers for these occasions, and we've got you covered. These are our collection of the most luxurious and elegant flowers in Mississauga


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