Understanding When Women Truly Want Flowers.

We all know that you can't go wrong sending roses for Valentine's Day, or a gift basket to Mom for Mother's Day, but we wanted to understand when flowers can truly make a deep and unforgettable memory. So we asked 100 women to tell us their favourite times to receive flowers in Mississauga. Here's some of what they said. The answers might surprise and inspire you!

Just Because!

  • When they're a surprise, for absolutely no reason but just because. Then they're very special. But really, I love getting flowers at any time!
  • When they're a surprise, for absolutely no reason but just because. Then they're very special. But really, I love getting flowers at any time!
  • When I'm not expecting them! Surprise flowers are the best.


Surprise Flowers


At Extra Stressful Moments

  • After stressful days. Also "Just because." And when I have to meet an important deadline and work on something it's nice to have fresh flowers to work beside.

  • Flowers are always a treat to me :) But occasionally my parents would send me flowers during finals week, or just during really stressful times in my life and it always made me feel really happy and loved.


Stressed Out Student


Mission Accomplished!

  • When I get the house super deep cleaned and everything looks just right, I like to put flowers out to sort of top it all off. Those are special because they're like my little YOU GO GLEN COCO gift to myself.


Woman Cleaning Home


  • I enjoy "just because" flowers. I enjoy bouquets with a lot of my favorite color - yellow. Doesn't have to be roses at all, especially on Valentine's day.


Women with Yellow Flowers


  • My parents sent me flowers the time I landed my first freelancing job. It was so sweet and I loved it. I'd also say a good time to send flowers might be to a student during finals week as a little pick-me-up or on the first day of the last semester of college or something like that. Not exactly milestones, but just times where you need some extra "you're awesome" encouragement. :)


Female Student


  • On a Tuesday.



  • When they're because "I was just thinking about you!", and are full of color like this.



Signalling Change


Spring Flowers


  • I generally go for potted plants over arrangements so I can stick them in my garden, but I like getting seasonal flowers. Sometimes I'll buy flowers or potted plants for holiday center pieces (after the holiday, I stick the flowers in my bathroom, since I figure that's the place where they'll be enjoyed the most). I like when flower shops have a selection of pet safe arrangements.


Flowers Around the Home


  • I like them before people leave to go on business trips and stuff. My stepdad gives them to my mom and I can always tell he's been gone awhile because they start dying on the table.


Business Trip



  • For no scheduled reason. It warms my heart amazingly when he comes home with sunflowers just because they're one of my favourites, or because they reminded him of our wedding day. The best flowers are the ones you weren't expecting.



  • I love love love love love flowers. The best way to make my day or surprise me is to give me flowers. They make me smile, they smell nice, and they just brighten the mood. I would never want to be surprised every month with flowers, but it would be a nice treat every once and awhile.


  • love the "when I'm not expecting them!" line, one of my coworkers occasionally receives a single rose from her fiance and enjoys it very much. It comes with a piece of chocolate and a little card. 

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