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Flowers have a language of their own with each color and type breathing its secrets within the floral market. One bouquet tells anecdotes of dedication and love, while another is like a gentle pat on the back during times of bereavement.

Mississauga florists, frequently craft whole messages just by positioning a certain color flower next to another and letting them gleam. Here are a few examples of flowers and their color meanings.

Red flowers

There is an unquestionable energy to the color red. Passionate, vibrant and demanding for attention, red is the color of romance and love. Red blooms symbolize desire, admiration, consistency, respect, and courage. For occasions such as Valentine’s Day, these flowers send the right message to your loved one.

Purple flowers

Purple is the color of royalty and as such, purple flowers symbolize success, tradition, and dignity. A bouquet comprising of purple flowers signifies adoration and admiration.

Pink flowers

When you think pink, thoughts of happiness and gentleness fill your mind. Delicate pink shades speak of love, happiness, and gentleness. Pink flowers represent innocence and grace and considered romantic as well.

Blue flowers

Serene Blue conveys a message of peace and openness. Mississauga florists ratify that flower delivery of a bouquet containing blue flowers may be a message to release the stress, relax and slow down. They offer a cooling solution to anxiety.

White flowers

White flowers could mean empathy for a bereavement, innocence, purity, humility, and respect. Depending on the type of flowers chosen by your local florist, a bouquet of white blooms can be self-effacing and gentle or brilliant and bold.

Yellow flowers

There’s good reason why most people can’t desist from smiling when they spot a pot of chrysanthemums. Yellow flowers erupt with happiness. They symbolize friendship, the taste of pride and success and the bonds of friendship. Yellow flowers also mean joy and that is one of the feelings these flowers arouse.

Lavender flowers

Lavender flowers have an archaic, feminine and delicate touch to them even when contained in a distinctly modern bouquet. They symbolize sophistication, grace, elegance, and youth. These flowers hold an almost sanctified place in nature.

Orange flowers

This is such a bold color. The hydrangea is a gift of gratitude in repayment for understanding and usually given as a gesture of profound sincerity. Orange is full of life, passionate and bold and that’s why it’s no wonder that orange flowers speak of exuberance, excitement, and enthusiasm.

Green flowers

Identical to nature and the perfect complement to any other flower, green flowers denote the positivity of spring, of renewal and youthfulness. Green blooms in a bouquet wish for good health and fortune. Send green flowers anytime to a sick loved one and your message reaches them instantly!

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Whether you want to convey a message of friendship, love, sympathy or just being a little mysterious, let a flower delivery do it for you.

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