Flowers Suitable for Occasions

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Single flowers and bouquets are a perfect way to celebrate almost any occasion, from weddings and birthdays to funerals and sickness. Almost all types of flowers are suitable whether you present them as a bouquet or a solitary long-stemmed rose. Your recipient gets the message that you are thinking of them.

Most men know that flowers show their care, so they frequently give bouquets to the women in their lives. Men also appreciate being on the receiving end of floral arrangements as well. Here are some examples of flowers in Mississauga suitable for various occasions.

Wedding flowers

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Irrespective of the size of a wedding, most couples consider flowers as one of the most important things during the planning process. Whether you are having a customary ceremony or getting married on a cruise ship, you possibly want to include flower arrangements.

According to most florists, trends change every year and styles typically match these trends. However, white roses are a classic choice and never go out of style.At Euro Flowers, We provide all type of wedding flowers and wedding decoration service in Mississauga.


Valentine’s Day

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Lovers have conventionally given flowers to symbolize their relationship on Valentine’s Day. The chrysanthemum or red rose tells of types of love while a white carnation signifies chaste pure love.

Since love is earnest, and blood comes from the heart, the most common color of flowers on this romantic day is red and with flower delivery in Mississauga, you can send them to your loved one. Nevertheless, any color whether it’s a favorite hue or has a special meaning to the couple is suitable.

Mother’s day

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Choosing a flower for Mother’s day is simple. All you have to know is her favorite flowers and pick them for her. If she likes all types, consider giving her a spring bouquet with an assortment of colors and varieties.

Carnations are always a good choice if you are not sure about what she likes. They are a superb expression of admiration and love. You might consider giving her a carnation corsage in her favorite color.


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A thoughtful flower bouquet makes the ideal birthday gift. Any flower is appropriate for birthdays including orchids, carnations, and roses. Another thoughtful gift would be a Mississauga gourmet basket.

If you want to give a female friend flowers for her birthday, then daisies are ideal. Most women still enjoy plucking the petals off the flower to predict a man’s feelings for them.


Christmas flowers Mississauga

If someone invites you into their home during the festive season, do not forget to bring a gift. Most hosts will appreciate a bouquet of flowers. Other popular flowers for the holiday season include winter jasmine, iris, narcissus, and amaryllis. Think through making a statement with a single stem or merging several kinds of flowers to make a bouquet.


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Always consult with the family of the deceased whether they would prefer a charitable donation or flowers. If they accept flowers, choose something appropriate that mourners can view during the funeral service and which the bereaved family can take home or place on the grave later. Irrespective of the flowers in Mississauga that you choose, always include a brief sympathy card with the arrangement. Hydrangeas and lilies work best for funerals.

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