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Flowers are one of the most significant elements of any event. Not only do they provide decoration and color, but they symbolize different feelings. A good floral arrangement is also a conversation starter and remains to be one of the things your guests will remember even after the event.

The best florists in Mississauga are often booked up to a year in advance, so it’s a good idea to conduct your search early. Start researching by checking with friends or acquaintances who have used florist services for their recommendations. You might also want to check reviews if you want to get the services of a florist online. Here are a few tips on how to select the best florist for your occasion.

Interview your prospective florist

Once you come up with a list of contenders for your florist position, narrow your list by asking some relevant questions such as whether the florist has worked at your location before, which flowers are in season, what they would suggest for your style and budget and what they think of the flower shops in Mississauga. The answers they give you will help you come to an informed decision.

Discuss your ideas

When you shortlist your candidates, show them magazine pictures of floral arrangements that you like and those that you don’t. Take them to the venue where you plan to hold your event so that they can establish a tone for it. Let them explain to you what they think and what floral arrangements they would recommend.

Some florists only specialize in particular floral arrangements such as ornate, lush, tall centerpieces, while others are better at minimalist modern arrangements. Acquaint yourself with some floral terms so that you can be able to understand your florist.

Consider costs

Be sincere about your financial plan. Your florist should be able to provide you with floral options within your budget and at the same time not compromise your style. Also, let them show you samples of the floral arrangements you choose so that you can determine if they are worth the money you are going to pay. Find out if they have flower delivery in Mississauga services.

Show, don’t tell

You need to know what you want exactly. Are you a minimalist? Or do you want to go all out with your event? Your florist cannot read your mind to show them what you want more than telling them with words. Bring your inspiration boards and photographs of what you would like to see. Share your vision with your florist so that they can confirm if it’s achievable or not.

Read the fine print

After you have settled on a candidate, you should have in place a contract, which itemizes costs for the flowers and satisfactory alternatives in case the ones you want aren’t available for any reason. It should also stipulate when and where the flowers will arrive and who will set them up.

Ideally, your florist should have vast experience as a florist or have worked at a flower shop in Mississauga. They should have pictures of floral arrangements that they have done for previous events and referees as well.

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