How to Buy Lilies in Mississauga

Beauty & Versatility Are the Staples of This Popular Perennial

When you're searching for a flower that comes in a rainbow of colours, with just as many different meanings, lilies might just be the perfect flower for you.

Unlike many other types of flowers, lilies are perennials. This means they'll keep coming back year after year, as long as they're cared for properly.

But if you've been searching 'florists near me' in Mississauga, Port Credit or Etobicoke, you might be feeling overwhelmed by all the options out there. Unfortunately, not every florist has the knowledge and skill to get you the information you need to make an informed decision about your next purchase.

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We've compiled a list of some of our favorite types of lilies and a bit about each of them. This way, when you choose to buy lilies for your next floral arrangement, you'll be getting the type that best represents your intentions.

Technically, there are 9 hybrid divisions of lilies available, but there are numerous types of lilies that fall into each division. Here are 6 of our favorite lilies, which you might want to consider for your next floral gift or decoration.


Stargazer Lily

Division: Oriental Hybrid

Stargazer Lily

Arguably one of the most popular lilies, these stunning, sensationally coloured flowers have a beautifully strong scent (making them great for a cut flower gift).

Normally blooming in mid-summer, this variety is known for its large, bowl-shaped or flat flowers. This particular strain of lily was intentionally bred during the 1970's to create a flower with upward-facing flowers, rather than drooping.

Typically, its pink or crimson flowers have white edges and dark spots that symbolize wealth and prosperity, while versions with larger amounts of white express sympathy and purity.

Not to mention, they are known for attracting butterflies! Bonus!


Tiger Lily

Division: American Hybrid

Tiger Lily Mississauga

Due to its incredibly vibrant orange petals and dark spots, the Tiger Lily has been a garden favorite for many years.

Indigenous to parts of Asia (China, Japan, Korea and Far-East Russia), it's now become naturalized to parts of North America as well.

Symbolizing wealth, confidence and pride, these gorgeous flowers make a striking impression in any garden. But forewarning: these are poisonous to cats, so be sure to plant them in areas out of reach to pets.



When bringing lilies inside for display, remove the anthers to prevent pollen from falling off and staining clothes or carpets


Elodie Lily

Division: Asiatic Hybrid

Elodie Lily Mississauga

These baby pink flowers hold an extra-special surprise that you won't get from many other flowers. They have a semi-double bloom; meaning there’s almost twice as much beauty to enjoy.

Apart from that visual treat, these lilies offer another special benefit: they’re pollen-free! Their lack of pollen, combined with their lovely, gentle pink shading make them ideal for bouquets, as well as flowers gifts for loved ones with pollen sensitivities.


Easter Lily

Division: Longiflorum Hybrid

Easter Lily Mississauga

A classic staple at churches for Easter decorations, it's no surprise that this lily has become known as the 'Easter Lily', since its discovery.

Boasting a pleasant, perfume-like scent, these gentle looking lilies are great not just indoors, but for planting outside in flower beds as well. Their trumpet-shaped flowers add class and elegance to any garden or floral arrangement.


Tiny Bee Lily 

Division: Dwarf Asiatic Hybrid

Tiny Bee Lily

Glorious golden blooms are the staple of this beautiful hybrid variety of lily. Due to its 'dwarf' variety, this smaller type of lily is a popular choice for front or corner garden beds.

These bold, trumpet-shaped flowers have tiny black spots at the ends of the stems, and are known to represent friendship and warmth, making them a great gift for Mother's Day or Easter.


Casablanca Lily

Division: Oriental Hybrid

Casablanca Lily

Since this variety of lily is as white as snow, it makes sense that the Casablanca Lily has become synonymous with purity, innocence and rebirth.

This makes it a great choice for weddings, funerals and Mother's Day gifts. The flower has an intense fragrance, but brides should be especially careful around the pollen - it's known to stain!

There are dozens of other common types of lilies apart from those listed here (these are just some of our favorites), but if you'd like to learn more about all the types of lilies available and are located in Port Credit or Mississauga, give us a call or come in and visit us!

Our expert florists at Euro Flowers will be able to help you find the perfect Lily for you, no matter the need or occasion.

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