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Did you know that every month has a birth flower, and that just like birthstones, each one has a distinctive meaning? Like people, each birth flower is special and filled with meaning and great stories. Birthdays are justly a significant occasion and you can share the joy of a birthday with a loved one by sending a beautiful bouquet of flowers to mark their special day. If you are certain that the recipient likes a particular kind of flower, we can arrange to have it sent to them. A popular favorite is always roses but you can think outside the box and send a stylish assorted bouquet of flowers, displayed in the trendy pave style that is sure to make your recipient’s birthday wishes come true. We know that birthday flowers by the month can make your loved one’s day very special. Therefore, whether you are looking for a creative way to celebrate a loved one’s birthday, or you would like to add a personal touch to a flower arrangement, we will help you find out which flower is distinctively theirs. Like gemstones, flowers can represent birthdays in each month of the year so here is a list of flowers specifically meant for each month.

January Flowers

Spicy-scented carnations, like cinnamon red hot, are the birthday flowers for January. Different colors express different messages. These flowers epitomize divine love, distinction, fascination, gratitude, admiration, beauty and pride. For instance, white carnations symbolize love, while yellow ones say ‘wish you were here’ and pink ones tell someone that they are memorable. The carnation’s multilayered feathery soft petals conceal a hardy core which is an appropriate contradiction for this January flower. Snowdrops are also January birthday flowers and they imply gorgeousness and hope.  If you have someone who has a birthday during this month, flowers are always a safe bet. Irrespective of the occasion you are celebrating or commemorating, our florists can assist you in selecting the floral arrangement to send to friends, family members or acquaintances. You can send your loved one our enchanted bouquet to a loved one with a birthday in January.

February Flowers

If your loved one has their birthday in February, then the flowers to send are irises or violets. These gentle spring flowers suggest truthfulness and loyalty. Associated with the twenty-fifth wedding anniversary, it should come as no surprise that the flower’s three upright petals signify wisdom, faith, and courage, or hope, friendship and compliments. This February birth flower comes in white, yellow, purple and blue. Maybe you want to praise that special woman in your life for her commitment and devotion in raising a family with you, or maybe you want to express your admiration for her beauty. Adding another year to her age may make her a bit vulnerable, but a nice message of assurance that she is aging productively and gracefully is just the kind of thoughtful gesture that the woman in your life would value. The Primrose is also a birthday flower for this month and it signifies the qualities of food-lovers and conservatism. What you need to know is that flowers depict an immediate sense of happiness. Almost every recipient of flowers instantly has a smile on their face indicating gratitude and a true delight. This will be especially true if you send flowers to a person’s place of work because then your message is public letting not only the recipient, but the entire world knows that you care. This in itself speaks volumes to the recipient and makes them feel treasured.

March Flowers

Daffodils like ‘Love Call’ sometimes called narcissus or jonquils are the birth flowers for March. Since they bloom I early spring, they symbolize joy, happiness, new beginnings and birth. These flowers mark the tenth wedding anniversary. When the bright yellow daffodil pokes through late winter’s ground, it is like a long-awaited friend returning home and a birth flower anyone would be proud to call their own. Representing rebirth and new beginnings, particularly when presented with an abundant bouquet, daffodils promise joy and happiness. Generally, flowers brighten up space and make people feel less lonely and depressed. They can have a long-term positive effect on people’s moods. According to studies, sending flowers makes people feel less agitated and anxious because after receiving flowers, most people demonstrate a higher sense of enjoyment and satisfaction.

April Flowers

Cheerful daisies, like Leucanthemum ‘Darling’, represent April birthdays. While they often signify purity, love, innocence or beauty, they can also mean, ‘i can keep a secret’. Associated with the fifth wedding anniversary, daisies epitomize childlike joy and playfulness. This April birth flower captures the essence of spring’s happy-go-lucky, forever young attitude. Sweet peas are also birthday flowers for April. The fragrant sweet pea is blue in color and symbolizes pleasure or farewell, which explains its hidden message of ‘thank you for a lovely time’. Ideal for bringing to an April birthday event or party, sending birthday flowers is also a great way to establish friendly connections and meaningful relationships. There is something touching about receiving flowers. It shows that someone took the time to think of you and send a bit of freshness and beauty your way. Moreover, if you send someone an arrangement of their birthday month flowers, then it shows that you really pay attention to the person and care about them. Sending flower arrangements leads to more contact between family and friends. Send these flowers in our Sunny bouquets.

May Flowers

The Lily of the valley with its sweet perfume is the flower to celebrate May birthdays. It suggests happiness and humility. Ancient Greeks valued these flowers so much that they believed they sprouted from the milk of Hera, the queen of the gods. Long tied to the Virgin Mary, the white Madonna lily represents virtue, while the lily of the valley conveys humility and sweetness. In the language of flowers, this May birth flower expresses, honor, majesty, and purity of the heart. Lilies come in a variety of vibrant colors that are sure to bring a lovely smile to your recipient’s face on their special day.

June Flowers

Just like carnations, roses which represent June birthdays, have different meanings for different colors. Red roses obviously signify love, while yellow ones could either signify friendship or jealousy. Apricot or orange roses, like ‘Lady of Shallot’, mean enthusiasm and desire. The rose flower is rich with history and meaning. Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, presented a rose to Eros, and Cleopatra lured Mark Antony with a room knee-deep in rose petals. Named from the Latin word rosa which means red, roses marks the fifteenth wedding anniversary. Although most people usually reserve roses for Valentine’s Day, there are plenty of varieties that you can use to send a more specific message to someone on their birthday. You can opt for white roses which signify pure intentions and love, or pink ones that speak of admiration. All of these are suitable messages for a birthday celebration.

July Flowers

While pink larkspurs can symbolize an unpredictable love, purple ones mean first love, and white ones indicate a happy spirit. These pretty flowers are the birthday blooms for July. With their lush, dolphin-shaped flowers, the fittingly named delphinium or larkspur symbolizes an open heart and passionate attachment. Also signifying a feeling of lightness and light-heartedness, the gentle hues and refreshing fragrances of this summer birth flower give it a revitalizing and distinctive natural beauty. Water lilies which stand for a pure and open heart, or majesty, also represent this month. Send our centerpiece with delphiniums, hydrangeas, and roses to a loved one celebrating their birthday in July.

August Flowers

The gladiolus which is the birthday flower for August simply says ‘remember me’. The flower can also mean integrity and strength, while the sword-shaped leaves suggest love-pierced hearts. This is not surprising when you consider that its name comes from the Latin word for sword, ‘gladius.’ However, while its sword-shaped stems may imply Roman gladiators, its romantic flowers are capable of piercing a heart with their beauty, explaining why infatuation is another one of its meanings as well. In ancient times, people associated these flowers with magical powers. Order one of our gladioli bouquets today for that special someone celebrating their birthday in August. Tell your girlfriend or wife that your relationship is solid, full of character and honorable by giving her a bouquet of these flowers.

September Flowers

With their lush texture, rich hues and wildflower beauty, it is easy to see why asters have had a long association with magical powers. Fall-blooming asters symbolize a strong and powerful love and are the birth flowers for September. They also indicate faith and wisdom and they come in beige, purple, white, red, and pink shades. In ancient times, people believed that when aster leaves burned, the smell they emitted could drive away evil. Currently, most people know this September birth flower as a talisman of love and a lasting emblem of elegance.

October Flowers

Marigolds, in their rich, autumnal colors, symbolize undying love and represent October birthdays. These pungent-smelling flowers can also mean that you are thinking of someone or indicate sympathy and sadness. Early Christians called marigolds Mary’s Gold and placed it by statutes of the Virgin Mary. Brilliant and colorful, with a late harvest warmth and a broad open bloom, marigolds signify grace and affection. Marigolds cannot survive when cut, so instead, we have floral arrangements for those born in October.

November Flowers

Chrysanthemums, plants especially prized by Japanese gardeners, stand for November birthdays. White versions of these flowers signify innocence and purity, while yellow ones indicate that a loved one feels snubbed. A symbol of the sun, these flowers have held many honorable positions in ancient cultures. The Japanese consider the orderly unfolding of their petals to represent perfection, and Confucius suggested that they act as an object of meditation. These flowers come in white, yellow, red, pink, and sometimes orange tones. Signifying happiness and optimism, why not send our special arrangement of mums to someone celebrating their birthday in November?

December Flowers

A principal decoration for Christmas, the poinsettia is actually not a flower at all. The red petal looking blooms are actually just colored leaves. Several plants represent December birthdays, including hollies and narcissus. Hollies signify a desire for a happy home, while poinsettias stand for good cheer. Narcissus-like ‘February Gold’ signifies authenticity and modesty. Also known as the Christmas flower, legend has it that poinsettias began as a tumbleweed. When a little girl with no means for an ostentatious gift placed weeds on a church altar, they turned into brilliant red blooms. Symbolizing happiness and good cheer, this December birthday flower is an appropriate tribute to December’s joyful celebration. When given as a gift, the poinsettia sends a hidden message’ you are the only one.’

Just like horoscopes signs and birthstones, each birth month has an allied flower. In the past, people gave flowers as gifts to honor Roman Gods on their birthdays. The specific meanings of different flowers developed during the Victorian Era to allow the exchange of secret messages between lovers. Young men would send ladies discreet bouquets of different kinds and colors of flowers so as to communicate privately. Presently, the language of birth month flowers makes giving flowers as gifts unique and thoughtful. Not only does each month have an associated flower, but each flower has a hidden message. For a thoughtful birthday gift, give a simple bouquet containing the recipient’s birth month flower. For special occasions, floral arrangements can convey a special meaning based on which flowers make up your bouquet. Perhaps a bouquet of asters and roses to say ‘take care of yourself for me’ and ‘I love you’ to someone that is feeling under the weather. We have a team of capable florists who will guide you in picking a bouquet that sends the right message and represent the birthday month of your choice. We are always willing to answer any questions that you might have so contact us at any time.

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