Why send flowers to your sweetheart


Love is a beautiful thing and no one can explain the mystery of two souls becoming one. At times things are not so smooth but this does not mean that the two of you have to give up. There are times things can be so good to the point you can easily take your sweetheart for granted.

The only thing you can do no matter the situation is to send flowers. Flowers have the ability to speak on your behalf and express what you cannot. Send flowers for her and see how grows fond of you. It is a way of saying I love you but in this case a plant becomes your evidence.

There are several reasons why you should never ever stop sending flowers.


When there is an occasion

There are occasions that call for flowers for instance birthdays, valentines or even anniversaries. It is quite easier to send flowers during such occasions since it is easier to find occasion specific flower arrangements. During valentines of course you will send roses because they speak the language of love and romance fluently.


When you need to apologize

The art of apologizing to the one you love is never complete if you do not have flowers with you. Give out the flowers then quickly say you are sorry. She will be mellowed by the flowers and at least you are assured of a reply that is not harsh. She might not forgive you on the spot but you can be sure that she doesn’t hate you either.


When you want to surprise her

Send her flowers when she least expects it. Send flowers to her at her place of work. You can even just surprise on the street as she walks or if she is having a girls day out at the spa order the flowers to be delivered there courtesy of a secret admirer.


Send flowers for no reason at all

You do not need a holiday or special occasion to shower your sweetheart with love. Send her flowers everyday if you have too. Flowers are an assurance to her of  your constant love for her, a physical reminder of the little acts that build up a relationship and these little acts do add up to become huge ones.


Why you should send him flowers

Times have changed and therefore you can as well get flowers for him. If you are in a romantic mood then you might as well get him rose flowers. If he is going for an interview or going to meet a new client then get him bamboo. Bamboo symbolizes good luck and because you love him you want him to succeed in all his endeavors.

Sending flowers to sweethearts has been a practice for such a long time and it never runs out of style. Sure you can get them a new car, a new house or even a new dress but flowers will always win because they always tend to matters of the heart.

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