Corporate Flowers

We work with many corporate clients in the Mississauga community! Some will order a monthly arrangement from us delivered on a specific date each month. It's a great option to keep the office space looking pretty and fresh at all times. Many times, those clients will just ask us to create something, which is why we have the florists choice option. It's a great way to arrange for corporate flowers in Mississauga

Other clients will hire us to outfit their banquets, like we did for TIFF, The Toronto International Film Festival, in 2014. We were honoured to get the call to work with such a high profile set of clients. We believe that getting the chance to work with TIFF was truly reflective of the effort we've put into making ourselves one of, if not THE best florist in Mississauga. 

We are also thrilled to have been chosen as the official supplier of flowers to Mentor College, a prestigious private school in Mississauga. We've worked with them for several years, and have always been more than happy to deliver flowers for banquets, birthdays, and parties of all sorts. 

We look forward to continuing our relationships with local businesses and catering to all your requests for Mississauga flowers!

As always, if you've got any questions, don't hesitate to call us